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Sunday Book Review – Words We Carry – Essays of Obsession and Self-Esteem/D.G. Kaye

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye


Last week I ran a book promotion on my book, Words We Carry. I found out that author, Luna Saint Claire had not only taken advantage of the free copy I offered for download, but read it quickly and posted an inspirational review within the same week.  Thank you Luna for taking in the heart of this book and for sharing publicly for others to read. I hope it empowers many more.


Words We Carry

Words We Carry 
by D.G. Kaye (Goodreads Author)


Luna Saint Claire‘s review

Aug 17, 2017
It was amazing

bookshelves: discoverypsychologicalrelationshipmemoirself-helpself-esteemself-reflectionwomen

Authentic and Intelligent. I read the introduction to Words We Carry, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished. Everything D.G Kaye wrote about growing up—the obsession with fitting in, being slim to point of hipless, trendy fashion, big hair, makeup and even the high heels that we practiced walking in from the time we were three years old, had me nodding my head until I felt like a bobble-head doll. I was struck by a sentence in her chapter on flirting. “Our egos may lead us to believe that we have to be the object of someone’s attentions to quantify our sexualities.” I can see now how as young girls we learned to flirt and use our sexuality to gain advantage. D.G. Kaye openly shares her memories of growing up, vividly detailing her feelings and insecurities. I personally can identify with every single chapter, right down to the movie Psycho and my fear of the dark.
But this is a timeless book and one that is still extremely relevant today. Kaye’s chapter on vanity, centers on insecurity and people pleasing (friends, parents, teachers, boyfriends) out of fear of rejection but more so for validation. In the section Relationships, she reveals how in a past relationship her overly compassionate, ‘I can fix him’ mentality lead to an erosion of her self-worth. Kaye advocates doing away with negativity and not letting it overtake your life, and permeate your well-being. She stresses the importance of addressing and overcoming one’s fears, which if ignored can easily make one a target of abuse. Kaye’s chapter on that subject rang true for me as well, and is a clarion call to develop self-esteem early in life. But it is never too late. Kaye hit the bulls-eye with the statement “We all possess the ability to save ourselves.”

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