Secrets Readers Don’t Know about Authors | Terri Herman-Ponce


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I came across this interesting and humorous post by Terri Herman – Ponce about secrets and peeves authors have that readers wouldn’t otherwise know. Enjoy the read below:


  1. We pretend the writing is going well when it isn’t. Ask a writer how their story is going and you’ll hear, “Oh, it’s all finally coming together,” or “I’ve hit a rough spot in the middle, but I know I’ll work it out,” or “I’ve got an idea for another book, but I have to finish this one first.” However, that’s all code for, “I’m halfway through this book and I have no idea where it’s going,” or “I’ve written myself into a corner, and I’m freaking out because I have a deadline in three weeks!” or “I’ve got an idea for another book because I’ve started hating the one I’m writing right now.”

  2. Writing books is a lonely business. We sit with our laptop or tablet, alone, and try to bang out story day after day. But we can’t have interruptions because that’ll mess with our creative juju. Which makes us feel alone. So we try to explain where our heads are at with loved ones, who try to understand us but really don’t, because we need an outlet to vent. Which is why we commiserate with other authors because only other authors understand the lonely nature of writing. Which is why…

  3. We all have a stash of something to help us through writing stresses, and we usually indulge at our keyboard. Chocolate. Potato chips. Beer. Martinis. Gummy bears. Ice cream. Red wine. White wine. Diet soda. Burgers and fries. Scotch. Oreos. Mac and cheese. Pizza. Slurpees…Continue Reading


Source: Secrets Readers Don’t Know about Authors | Terri Herman-Ponce

Writers are not lazy | A.S. Winchester


Every once in awhile I come across a post that really touches home with me as a writer.


The post I’m reblogging today is entitled, Writers are not lazy, by A.S. Winchester.

This article was written by the author in response to the aforementioned remark she’d overheard while visiting a book store.


“I was in Barnes & Noble this weekend perusing through books and the three of you were there, in the middle of the aisle, talking to each other.


First off… if you’re going to stand and talk… please do so in a place that doesn’t block half the books in the aisle. If you ARE going to stand and talk in the aisle, don’t get pissed off at me when I say “excuse me” so I can look at the possible book I might buy next.


The three of you were very pretty high school aged girls with far too much make-up on, fake nails, and clothes far too skimpy for the cold weather we’re having. You’re growing up too fast and that bothers me with the younger generations these days, but I digress.


As I stood absorbing all of the magic around me, I could not help overhearing the very loud conversation you were having.


“Writers are so lazy!” one of you said with clear distaste in your voice. “They just sit around all day and do nothing, but sit on a computer.”


It took everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–in me not to turn around and chew the three of you out right there as all of you agreed on the concept. So let me say it here…” Continue reading her wonderful reply here. 



Source: Writers are not lazy | A.S. Winchester