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The generous Sally Cronin is inviting writers and creatives to promote on her blog. For those of you who aren’t aware of the Smorgasbord Invitation, it is aptly named for the myriad of articles Sally shares on her blog, from health series, pet series, to being added to Sally’s virtual Cafe and Bookstore, and everything authors, there’s something for someone, so visit her blog, leave a comment, say hello, meet new bloggers and submit your work for Sally to share.


You will find her guidelines below:

sally's cafe and bookstore


FREE Blog and Book Promotions


I know from experience that a great many of you are so modest that you might take a little persuasion.. I promise that I don’t bite and I have a great many lovely friends who would love to read more about you.. Here are the ways that you can promote your blog or your creative work here on Smorgasbord.. It is FREE… it might take you a little time to get your submission together, but  then I will do the rest.  I do just want to mention at this point that it still takes your collaboration to make the most of the promotion.. For example – responding to comments and sharing on your own networks. If that sounds good to you then let me know. Continue Reading

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