#Writing and Revising Tips to Take Away from Hugh Howey on #Amazon Insights

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I came across this fantastic series on writing and revising by Hugh Howey. For those of you not familiar with Hugh, he’s one of the pioneer indies who got picked up by a traditional publisher after publishing as an Indie and despite his fame, continues to write articles for Indie writers to learn and keep up with the world of self-publishing.


Recently, Hugh wrote this fantastic 4 part series on Amazon AuthorInsights.com. about the Three-Part Revision Process.


Here are just a few of his tips from this series:


“Write lean not fat to build upon later.”

“Write away from the keyboard.”

“Use your voice, not flowery words that don’t represent you.”


Here are a few habits of my own I use when writing my books:


  • A great trick I use when revising is similar to Hugh’s, to highlight a sentence I know I need to work on or add more to the subject, so I can continue moving on writing without losing my train of thought while stumped on a passage.
  • I tend to write my final chapters first to encompass the essence and summation of my stories. Of course it gets edited later to fit the finished stories.
  • Do proper editing before sending to betas – a lesson I learned with my newest book.
  • Realize that after first, and perhaps, second and third drafts, some scenes will require complete re-writes, not just revising.


Visit these 4 articles by Hugh Howey for a complete rundown from his experience on writing books:


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Part 2 – The Rough Draft



Part 3 – The Revision Process



Part 4 – Publishing Your Book



I also highly recommend you visit Amazon’s author insights blog for so many interesting and helpful tips on everything self-publishing.