#WATWB – Girl’s Singing Puppets Hilariously Snub Her In Show-Stopping AGT Finale.

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It’s the last Friday of the month again and time for a #WATWB share. And once again it’s time to spread a little love for the happy and nice things to share to detract from some of the negative news going on in the world.


One of my favorite shows I look forward to watching is America’s Got Talent. I love this show because it’s so uplifting, the judges are funny and entertaining, but most of all, they give inspirational hope to so many contestants who have a dream and offer them a platform to showcase their special talents. Many of these contestants have disabilities, sad stories to share, and low self-esteem. This show builds their confidence, and for many of them who don’t end up winning, they still get opportunities for stardom.

This little 12 year old girl, Darci Lynne, caught my heart and attention right from the get-go. I loved so many of the contestants, but this girl touched my heart-strings, and besides that, she had absolute star quality, even though she didn’t know it. She was a shy girl who expressed herself by talking with puppets, so her parents entered her as a contestant for AGT. And I was thrilled when she actually won the whole competition.

I’ve attached a link below to read more about her, but do enjoy this little video clip to watch this little ventriloquist in action.


America first fell in love with Darci Lynne a few months back. She walked out on stage and giggled from nerves, but those soon fell away when her bunny Petunia began to sing.

Ever since then, she’s amazed us time and time again with heart-melting & charming performances that provoke cheers and full-belly laughs. But during last night’s finals for “America’s Got Talent,” the 12-year-old ventriloquist showed everyone what she was truly made of.  Continue reading , , ,


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Source: Girl’s Singing Puppets Hilariously Snub Her In Show-Stopping AGT Finale.