Writers Need Hugs too! -The BIG BLOGGER BASH COMPETITION 2017

Blogger's Bash Competition 2017


Oh yes, it’s coming back, The Annual Blogger’s Bash will be held this June 10th in London, England! Are you going? Although I live ‘across the pond’ a fair distance away from here in Toronto, you bet your sweet bippy I’m doing everything in my power to get there!

I must get there! Why? I’m overdue to expand my horizons and step out of my writerly perimeters and go where many of my friends reside behind my computer screen, the friends who often keep me sane.

Writers need hugs too! Blogging friends are the ones who can identify with a writer’s struggles, the friends we can turn to when we need a dose of inspiration, or a smiley face and a heart to remind us they get what we do, what we go through as writers. These are the friends we can bounce ideas off of, rant to about our work, and WordPress and computer woes. And these are the friends who cheer us on for our accomplishments, pick us up when we’re in self-doubt mode, and share our work.

That said, how long do we have to know someone before we could burst from wanting to share a real cup of coffee (or wine?) with our friends, the ones we spend most of our writing days communicating with?

Well, this blogger wants more than just virtual hugs! It’s no different when geographically-crossed lovers build a relationship online and reach that point where they have to meet in person because virtual is no longer enough. There’s just too much to say that our fingers couldn’t possibly type as fast as our mouths can gab when we crave the real-time human interaction. This is why I’m going to meet my long-time close friends for the first time, and make new friends with others I’m not already acquainted with.

It’s time to hug my virtual pals and bring their characters to real life! I’m especially excited to meet my good friends, like my great galpal Sally Cronin  Sally Cronin

Hoping my dear friend Tina Frisco with the beautiful soul can make it

Author Tina Frisco


My sweet as Sherri pie friend Sherri Mathews  Sherri Mathews

My fiesty, firecracker of a friend, Sacha Black  Sacha Black

My dashing and debonair friend Hugh Roberts  Hugh Roberts


And my other dashing and debonair friend, and great supporter of my writing, Christoph Fischer

Christoph Fischer

Oh my, I’m blessed to have so many wonderful friends to visit at the Bash, there are so many I can’t wait to meet, just to name a few more:  Ali, Marje, Judy, Sue, Stevie, Olga, Judith, Kevin and so many more. I know before I return home I will have made so many more friendships.

It also helps that my best friend for over 35 years, San (affectionately referred to as ‘Zan’ in my books), moved to the UK almost 2 decades ago. I’ll be staying at her place in Kent, giving me a chance to catch up with her, and a place to leave my many bags, lol. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I could get her to come along to the Bash!

Dynamic duo


Soooooooooo, all those hearts and smileys will soon be coming to real life! And like my bestie, San, always says before I’d come to visit her in England, “Warn the country! Debby is coming to town!”


***Note***** – This post was written for a submission to the Blogger’s Bash Competition. Please follow this link to read more about The Bash and how you can enter a story for this fun event. And I hope to see many of you there!!!!