Beautiful Arizona Sunsets, Festivals, Fairies, Psychics and Orbs

Good evening Arizona


I thought I’d share some various snapshots of beautiful sunsets I gathered.

arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset


Arizona sunset


What have I been up to in Arizona?





Well, for one thing, the temperatures have climbed to unseasonably hot. They were unseasonably cool up to one day before we arrived here. Where the temps should have been hovering around the mid  60s to early 70s from late February into March and tapering off around mid 70s for most of March, February had quite a cold spell and the first few nights here we needed a jacket. That was until the first weekend in March hit and we’re currently having temps close to 95 degrees. These desert temps can sometimes hamper plans to go to certain places where we’d have to be walking around all day outside, because, well, it’s a desert!

D.G. Kaye and cousin
Me and my cousin El


One Saturday, my cousin and I went downtown to the Scottsdale Art Festival. My husband bailed because it was too hot to walk around, and truth be told, we only lasted there about two hours because of the heat, so we decided to go shopping afterward instead of hanging around outside, lol. But I did manage to snap a few interesting pictures of art made out of old golf clubs, and the price tags weren’t cheap!

Arizona golf art


Arizona golf art

Scottsdale art

Scottsdale festival


On the following Sunday we were supposed to go to another western festival up in Cavecreek, about half hour north of us, but once again it was too hot to join the crowds and watch events outside. We are attempting to reschedule for another time. When we did go up to Sedona, the weather was perfect because the temps are 20 degrees cooler up in the mountains.


So I’ve been catching rays by the pool most days, or to re-phrase, catching rays in the pool because one can only lay on a chair for a short time before having to dive in the water to escape the sizzle. Not that I’m complaining! I love the heat, I love the relaxation. I wake up early and work on blogs, write book reviews which I’ll begin posting again after my return, check social media and do a few blog post visits. At the pool I read and I’m currently beta reading a new book for an author friend. At night we go out for dinner with friends and are usually back by 8pm where I turn on the TV and read some blogs, yes, for a few hours, before passing out from the day’s heat exhaustion. So I suppose I am working here, just not working on my newest book, which will resume when I return home.


A cute story- Starbucks and Psychics


One afternoon, I was on my way to meet my cousin downtown to walk around Oldtown Scottsdale for a few hours before having dinner. As I often do on my way out, I stopped for a Starbucks latte for the trek. After meeting up with my cousin and walking around for awhile and taking some silly photos, we were approaching the  psychic’s storefront where I remembered meeting her last year and began telling my cousin a story about her and how we should consider going for a reading  In that exact moment during my conversation as we continued to walk, I brushed by a man sitting on a wooden bench, on the narrow walkway, possibly resting under the shade from the desert heat, or waiting for someone when he looked up at me with his Crocodile Dundee looking face and said, “Hi Debby, you’re looking great, do you remember me?”

I stopped in my tracks to acknowledge the man, smiled and replied, “I’m pretty darned good with faces even if I can’t remember names. How do you know me?” He was a friendly soul who continued to compliment me with his charming South Carolina accent as he informed me that’s where he is from, yet I couldn’t place him.

My cousin El and I turned to one another with a puzzled look on our faces. How could this man, Bob, know me? Was it a coincidence he said hello to me in the exact moment we were speaking about the psychic? Was I in the twilight zone?

After some small chitchat exchange between us, Bob’s wife walked out of the store he was waiting in front of. He introduced his wife Jane to us, and me and El to his wife. Bob had a great sense of humor as we had enjoyed his humor through the questioning process of asking him how he knew me, when he finally coughed up the goods. “Why I just wanted to say hi to you ‘Debby’. After all, YOUR NAME is on the Starbucks cup! I had you going for awhile, didn’t I?” Bob chuckled away with his Carolina drawl while he had us in stitches and me feeling as though I could have hit my head in a huge ‘duh’ moment for falling prey to his joke. We all chatted for a few more minutes about how we’re all enjoying our stay in Arizona, then we parted ways.


Fairies and Orbs


One other notable photo my friend Lois took of me while out for dinner was of great interest to both of us. I’d asked Lois to take a picture of me in the desert landscape nearby the restaurant up on the hill. She first took one with my phone and there seemed to be a foggy blur that appeared in front of me in the photo which was odd because the evening was quite clear. So Lois said she’d take another photo with her phone. As I stood there waiting, I kept asking her what’s taking so long, she told me there was a green dot that kept appearing in the photo, so she snapped it a few times, all had the same dot. She thought it may have been her camera acting up so she snapped a few random photos with NO green dots. After looking at the photo she took of me, I was excited to see that it was in fact an orb. No surprise there are fairies in the desert. Notice the circle shadow around the orb.

desert beauty
Taken with my phone
desert orb
Taken with friend’s phone


This is my last week in Arizona. As always, I’ll be very sad to leave, but will have next year to look forward to once again.

Do you believe in fairies and Orbs? Please feel free to share what you make of this magical photo.