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I’ve been nominated again for the #Girllovechallenge.


My always entertaining friend and author Shehanne Moore (Shey) has been cracking the whip on her entourage of Hamster Dudes lately, and they seem to think they can write a book. (Lol.) I’m reblogging her latest post here,  So You’ve Written a Book, Now What?


 Shey was (unsurprisingly)  nominated for the #Girllovechallenge and adds this later in her post. She is passing the baton to women of strength and encouragement, and I was thrilled, once again, to be one of her nominees.


As I’ve recently been nominated and did a post on this challenge, and gladly shared the award with all of you here, I’m merely acknowledging Shehanne and her beautiful gesture of nominating me, as well as giving you all a chance to visit Shehanne’s, always interesting blog.


Please have a read of Shey’s post. Besides the great info shared, it’s given by her hamster mascots who tend to be getting a bit full of themselves lately. I’m not posting part of it here because you really need to see the way Shehanne uses her hamster cartoonish photos to portray her stories.  READ HERE 

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Liebster Blogger Award

liebster3Well I am truly honoured as once again, I have been nominated by a friend and blogger difficult degrees with the Liebster Blogger Award.  It is really quite humbling to know that people enjoy coming here and like to read my words and thoughts.

  Thank you Amy! As is protocol for these awards, Amy has left me with 10 questions to answer and I will post 10 new questions for the bloggers I nominate to pay it forward, Now for my ten questions to my nominees:

1. What singer/band did you first fall in love with?      I loved the band, ‘Chicago’ ( okay, am I giving away my age here?)

2.  Is there a writer that influences you?      I think I am influenced by many writers but what really kicked me in to gear to write my book was reading all of Susan Kennedy’s  (S.A.R.K) books, so full of inspiration to follow your dreams.

3.  What are your five favorite books?       The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough, Fear of Flying by Erica Jong, On Writing by Stephen King, Exodus by Leon Uris, The Diary of Anne Frank

4.  What’s the last movie that made you cry?        My memory will not serve me as sadly it has been quite some time since I have watched one, but my all-time favourite which seems to always require a box of Kleenex is, The Way We Were

5.  What’s the dumbest cat name you can think of?       Sylvester

6.  Do you have a favorite quote or poem and if so, what is it?       My tag line……Live Laugh Love…And don’t forget to breathe!

7.  Do you read a ton of books at a time or one at a time?       Always two at a time, sometimes three.

8.  Does the violin/cello ever give you chills?       Those instruments evoke sadness in me for some reason.  I much prefer horns.

9.  Are you more honest on your blog than you are in ….real life?       I am the same everywhere, only in real life I tend to be quite opinionated and I find myself being a lot more careful what I say in cyber space,

10.  Have you ever studied the shit out of an illness you have?         That’s a big LOL!  That is my passion.  If you read my book you will find how many things I’ve survived. Here are my ten questions and listed below that are my nominees:

1.  Who Inspires your writing?

2.  What are you reading now?

3.  What is your favourite pastime?

4.  What is your favourite line from a movie?

5.  If you could be anybody else for one day, who would that be?

6.  What kind of music do you like to listen to when you write?

7.  Where is your favourite place to travel.

8.  What is your favourite season and why?

9.  What do you regret never having done?

10. Name your favourite song title.

And the nominees are: The Write Place Cynthia Triplett Clarabelle The Mockingbird in Me Overcoming Life’s Obstacles