Avoiding Disaster – Computer Crashes


tech talk

So I am in the end stages of revisions on my manuscript and worked for 3 whole days on 4 chapters.  I am proudly getting toward the end and as I finish yesterday’s revisions, I finish off by ‘saving’ my work and sending a copy to ‘Dropbox.’   I was previously a bit apprehensive of using Dropbox because I was leery about sending my pride and joy off to some cyber space vault.  As I himmed and hawed over the decision of using Dropbox for weeks, I finally signed up for it a week ago.

Today I went back to work on my final 2 chapters.  I anxiously got myself seated at my desk with my coffee and opened up my Word…………only to discover that the last 4 chapters I had so diligently worked on all week were GONE.

At first I thought I was going to throw up as I scrambled through all my documents and couldn’t find the last chapters.  I searched my computer for the files to no avail.  Being that I am not the savviest techy in town, I was in full panic mode.  I fumbled around with looking for my recycle bin and so forth.  Yes, I did of course look in my Dropbox but for some reason it only had the previously updated file in it.  I couldn’t figure out where my work went, especially after saving and sending to Dropbox.

After I went crazy and literally found myself pulling my hair out, I clicked around Dropbox, knowing there had to be a way it didn’t delete, even the deleted files.  Praise the Lord, I found the file somewhere it should not have been and got to restore it.  It felt like Christmas!

The moral of this story is……..BACKUP  BACKUP BACKUP!  Everywhere, just backup!  And by all means Get Dropbox!!!!!!!!