#BookReview – Becoming Bertha – Jane Carroll


Today’s review is all about Bertha. Bertha is in a sense, the alter ego of author Jane Carroll, who has lots of life lessons to share. Told in an amusing fashion, the story takes us through life’s situations and philosophies as told through the thoughts and opinions of Bertha. An uplifting book for those needing a boost to their self-esteem.


Becoming Bertha, sequel to Bertha-Size Your Life!, continues the saga of personal transformation in a lighthearted, entertaining narrative.

As our narrator, Honey, adjusts to moving back to her home town and beginning a writing career, Bertha is still up to her zany antics and wardrobe. Bertha’s hands are full what with founding the Sisterhood of the Sacred Flamingo, designing fantasy shoes, writing Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Bertha’s Guide to Life and Shoes, and traveling on a national shoe model tour. Yet, she manages to find the time to spar with the cat, climb on a soapbox without warning, and keep her nemesis, Rita, at bay…without smudging her manicure.

Life is good until Bertha begins the shoe model tour, leaving Honey to continue her transformation on her own or revert to her former self. Will Honey follow Bertha’s advice to get over who she has been and become who she is?

And…exactly who is she?

Becoming Bertha (The Bertha Series Book 2) by [Carroll, Jane]

5 Stars – Everybody needs a Bertha

on February 17, 2015

Everyone could use a little Bertha in their lives. This sequel in the Bertha series is uplifting and entertains as we read more about Bertha’s antics as she doles out her good advice to Honey on all of life’s little matters. She demonstrates in her little vignettes how the law of attraction works as she puts a positive spin on things that may not be too thrilling. Bertha teaches us how to feel uplifted instead of deflating ourselves with pessimism. All the while we are eager to know what outlandish outfit she will be wearing next. A feel good read!

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