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Here’s some insight from my friend and author Belinda Pollard. Belinda writes a lot about the publishing industry, and shares some great information here on revamping her website. We all know that WordPress can sometimes be tricky at times, so perhaps Belinda’s experience may be helpful to some.


I was recently forced into changing the design of this site, because the little piece of software that controls its appearance was no longer supported. (Rats.)

This turned out to be a good thing, because it made me think hard about what I wanted on my site. I mulled over what helps or irritates me on other people’s blogs and websites. (A blog is just a type of website that has new content added regularly. They’re all websites.)

I had to update both this site, which I write as a publishing . . .” Read More:

Source: 7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard


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Live dangerously. Use an adverb. | @Belinda_Pollard



Today I’d like to share a repost from my editing friend Belinda Pollard who writes lots of great tips and articles on the writing and editing process. You can find her site at www.smallbluedog.com.

The article I’m sharing is about the ongoing dilemma of the use of adverbs in our writing. Many writers and editors will say to kill them all. But paradoxically, many of the classics have adverbs in them. In Belinda’s post she explains why they all don’t need to be killed and when it’s best to use them and when it is better to leave them out. Have a look at her link below:


Live dangerously. Use an adverb. | @Belinda_Pollard.

Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard


This article is reblogged from an acquaintance of mine, Belinda Pollard. This is an in-depth account on why we need editors for our works to be published. The question often arises from many writers, why they need to pay an editor when they can read it themselves or have a writing friend have a look at their work for editing. There is much more involved in the process and our eyes are trained to ‘read what we know’, especially when we are too familiar with our own work. Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard. www.smallbluedog.com