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Sue Vincent is a woman of strength – a huge conqueror of adversity, an artist in more ways than one, and an avid blogger in the writing community. Her blog The Daily Echo is an eclectic mix of wonderful prose and detailed posts on her treks, trial and tribulations, and last but not least, beautiful photos.

In her latest post, Sue shares recognition for some other bloggers, and I was honoured to be named one of them. Also in this post, Sue is doing the 3 Day Challenge with adding quotes. I am not part of this challenge this time round, but I would like to add here one of my own favourite quotes:

Kindness, Words We Carry

Thank you Sue Vincent for including me in your list of bloggers to receive this award.

blogger recognition

A little about Sue:

Sue Vincent ~ Echoes of Life, Love and Laughter (by Sue Vincent)

“I am a Yorkshire born painter and writer, living in the south of England. I paint the strange things that come as images in dreams and fantasies and write about life as it happens.

I was raised in a spiritually eclectic family in a landscape where myths and legends were woven into the stones, and have always had an intimate relationship with the inner worlds and the understanding that all paths are but spokes on a wheel, leading ultimately to the same centre. It is not the path that one walks that matters, but how one chooses to walk it. . . . .”

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It’s always an honour for me to be recognized by fellow bloggers and given an award. As always, I offer all my fellow bloggers to help themselves to this award to place on your own pages, for we are all deserving.


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