Happy New Year and What’s Up for 2018?

What’s Up For 2018?

Happy New Year


Wow! It’s January 2nd already!


By now most of us have set up our resolutions with great intent for the New Year and feeling fresh inspiration ready to tackle the new year. Many of my resolutions are staples when it comes to daily life – Keep smiling, Stay positive, Always try and fit in a few days a week at the gym, Be kind, Eat healthy, Be grateful for every day. But resolutions and goals for my writing life always seem to start out with plans and then life takes over and sometimes alters my goals. Setting goals is as vital as outlining a book, without a plan we’d have nothing to aspire to or be accountable for. My intentions are always good when I make a plan and I’m usually pretty good at sticking to my plans unless unforeseen circumstances intervene, or perhaps even serendipity takes me in a direction I may not even have considered. I like those detours.


So, what’s on tap for my 2018 plans? Well I already know that in my head, January is gone. This first week I’ll be sorting our home and business accounting receipts and papers from 2017 in order to prepare for doing entries next week for the accountant so that when I get back from winter vacation I don’t have to look at them.

Speaking of winter vacation, God willing my husband stays well, we are aiming to spend February and March in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yes, we pulled a little switchie earlier last year and cancelled our reservations for Arizona this year due to the political climate in the US. We’ve been spending the last few winters in Arizona as well as intermittent cruising in the Caribbean and my husband remarked last winter that it’s been a long time since we’ve taken a real beach holiday and he’d like to be on the ocean for a change of pace. So plans are in motion! And when I say January is already gone, I mean going away for a lengthy time entails lots of planning and executing – health insurance for travel, what to pack lists, particularly foods and staples and essentials I may not be able to get in Mexico. Prescriptions ordered in advance to take with us, doctor visits to ensure hubby is well enough to travel, hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, lots of going to the gym (LOL), and arranging for services to be looked after while we’re gone. Pairing that list with trying to get any writing done will be interesting to say the least.

But speaking of writing, here are my intentions for this year in writing:


What will remain:

  • Sunday Book Reviews
  • Guest Author Interviews (one scheduled for January, more to resume come April)
  • Inspirational Posts
  • Informational Share Posts
  • Opinionated Posts
  • Monthly #WATWB Contribution Posts
  • More Guest Post Features


What to expect while I’m away:

Not a lot of posting, but expect photos and little stories about interesting things I want to share, perhaps once a week so you guys don’t forget me! (Possibly with comments closed). Most definitely I’ll be posting on Facebook.

A break from me visiting the many blogs I visit on a nightly basis. With that said, I may pop in by surprise when finding postings on Facebook tempting me to hop over to a blog and read. 

I plan on catching up on reading many more books and articles on the craft of writing and self publishing, a luxury I never seem to have enough time to do. This of course will come with writing reviews and posting and usual sharing. Articles of author interest I come across will be shared to my #ABRSC Facebook group I run with fellow admins, Colleen Chesebro and Marjorie Mallon. (If you’re not yet a member please click the banner on the bottom of this post and join us!)

Writing! I’ve told myself I’m not going to write another book this year (LOL, we’ll see about that). I want to write sporadically and impulsively while away. I have a few ideas brewing!


Plans from April Onward:

I want to dabble in freelance writing.

I’ll be participating in regular contributions to themes at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Invitation.

Colleen Chesebro and I have set up a new Facebook group – Literary Diva’s Library for Book Reviews and News which is opened now! Come visit!

Literary Diva's Library - News and Book Reviews


I’m very interested in starting a Podcast talk show. I’ll keep you posted on that!

And of course, anything that strikes my fancy and piques my interest may take me in a direction I currently have no clue about but always ready to take a new ride!


Stay tuned!


©DGKaye January 2018