A Time to be Grateful for Friends and Collaborators -D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I thought this was the perfect day – a day of Thanks to share this most beautiful post Sally Cronin wrote for me in thanks for being one of her Smorgasbord Blog Magazine contributors. I was truly touched and humbled and feeling a bit warm and fuzzy and grateful to belong to such a wonderful community with so many solid friendships that couldn’t be any more real if I met you all in person. Thank you Sally ❤


Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – A Time to be Grateful for Friends and Collaborators -D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies



Although technically we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK and Ireland, that does not mean we cannot appreciate the opportunity it offers to formalize our thanks to those who help and support us.  I fully appreciate that Smorgasbord Blog Magazine is a collaboration between myself and a number of key contributors who add their experience, support and wonderful content, to entertain and inform readers who visit.

Between now and Thursday I would like to say a special thank you to four of the monthly columnists during 2019 who have added such colour, flavour, insight, humour, adventure and music to my life and to yours. They create new content each month which I know takes a great deal of time. Something as busy people they do not have in abundance.



The first is D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) who has been writing the The Travel Column for the last two years. Debby has taken us to the Caribbean including Cuba, St. Thomas and the Bahamas. To the United States to the dry heat of Arizona, and shared with us the warm welcome and sunshine of Mexico.

In the last year, Debby has also joined me in the twice weekly Laughter Lines, sharing images she has foraged from various online sources, and also we have discovered she has rather a thing about parrot videos!

Outside of Debby’s blog duties, she is also amazingly supportive, always dropping by each night to read the posts and share across social media. When I take a break, she will make sure all is okay on the days that I am absent and that the posts are boosted regularly.  What a great blog sitter and worth her weight in gold.

She accomplishes all of this for me but also for many other bloggers, and if I was to say ‘hands up’ all of you who are in receipt of her kindness I am sure I would lose count.

As a blogger at D.G. Writer Debby furthers her support to others with author interviews, a weekly book review, reblogging of other people’s posts, and sharing writer links from around the community. We can also all benefit from some of her well thought out and delivered ‘rants’ against injustice and sloppy government, saying many of the things we might agree with but not necessarily have the guts to share.

As a non-fiction and memoir author, D.G. Kaye has a commonsense, practical approach to the problems in life so many of us have faced in the past or do in the present. From relationship issues with parents, overcoming traumatic events, facing a time in life that every woman has concerns about, or overcoming the stress of packing for a holiday, Debby has strategies to cope.  I have read of Debby’s books and they are on my ‘favourite’s shelf’ in my office.

Please continue reading at Sally’s Blog.


Source: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – A Time to be Grateful for Friends and Collaborators -D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine


Thank you


Happy Thanksgiving!


The Wonderful World Of #Blogging

 Blogging basics

Blogging is a creative outlet for writing and sharing thoughts and information. People blog for many reasons. Some blog as a method to release their thoughts, others blog to share information on a particular subject, and many bloggers like to reblog other bloggers posts to share information on topics that  usually have relevance to the things they like to blog about.


Blogging Community


Sharing our posts and mingling with other bloggers on the internet becomes a second home to avid bloggers. When we first begin a blog, there should be intent on the subjects we wish to blog about, to brand what our blog is about, and to give readers a sense of the type of posts we write about so that they can decide whether or not our blog is conducive with the things they prefer to read about.

We shouldn’t be concerned about trying to get as many people to follow us, but more concerned about what we wish to convey in our posts to attract the right readers. Eventually, people will gravitate to our blogs as they discover us through the topics we write about which appeal to them.


How To Discover Blogs We Like To Read?


Let’s say we decide to blog on WordPress, we can filter the types of blogs we prefer to read and WordPress will offer a list of suggested blogs based on our preferences. We can then click on those blogs of interest and enjoy reading them. If we enjoy a particular post, we have the opportunity to follow that blog by clicking on the ‘follow’ button on the top bar of that blog, or subscribing to receive new updated posts by email or RSS Feed.

When logged in to our WordPress reader, it will list the blogs we follow so we can click on and read them, and it will also suggest other blogs similar that we may want to go have a look at.

Connecting With Readers And Attracting New Readers

A good way to meet like-minded bloggers and readers is by commenting on a post we’ve enjoyed reading. Let the writer know our thoughts on the post, establish a connection with them. While we’re in the comment section, we can take the opportunity to read other comments as well. This also gives us the opportunity to click on the commenter’s avatar, which will lead us to their site, and allow us to see what they write about. If we find that blog site appeals to us, we can then follow that site and eventually build our reading list.


In many cases, once we begin to form blogging relationships, those bloggers in turn, become curious about our blogs and will come visit our sites and may decide to follow us.

Blogging Isn’t A Race

There is no immediate urgency to acquire followers. If we put out interesting and good content that appeals to people in that niche, they will eventually show up and look forward to more of our posts.

Following Links

Communing with other blogs introduces us to many other blogs. If a certain post interests us and the post offers links to click on, we can find new articles and bloggers that we may want to follow after clicking the link, which broadens the scope of people we want to include to follow.

Social Sharing

Most bloggers having social share buttons on their pages. The social share buttons are there for us to click on to send that post to our own social sites so our own readers can see the article we just read. This sharing of information gives good content to our readers and at the same time, helps to drive traffic to the original blogger’s site when our readers choose to click on the article to read it. This gives new exposure to that blogger’s page as well to ours.

Following Favorites

Social connect buttons are also featured on almost all blogger’s pages. If we  click on these buttons, we get the opportunity to follow them on twitter, facebook, google, and many other sites they may be connected to, which leads us to more information and finding more people from their circles we may want to connect with. This becomes almost like a viral expansion method for us to connect with others.

Throughout the process over time of reading and connecting with new people, we begin to attract new readers to our own sites from the connections we’ve made along the way. The paths we take to find and follow new people, is the same path many others take to broaden their own social media circles and may lead them to our blogs. If they like our blog and decide to follow us, eventually some of our new follower’s readers may find their way to our other pages as well.

A Shakespearean quote, “The world is your oyster,”  from The Merry Wives of Windsor, implies that all we have to do is claim it.


Now set forth, open your blogs, go visit other blogger’s pages, and partake in some social interjection. You will become a part of a beautiful, informative, and sharing community.


D.G. Kaye, DGKayewriter.com ©April 2015