#Blogging – Best Tricks to get more Eyeballs on Old Posts – Janice Wald


In these past few months, I have discovered, followed and befriended writer Janice Wald from www.mycurrentnewsblog.com

Janice has a wonderful blog which is most helpful to writers; author and bloggers alike. Her posts are very insightful to various methods of promoting our blogs, to sharing tips on how to make the most out of our writing and social media.


Below is a snippet of Janice’s latest post on how we can get more people to read our posts:


“Repurpose means you are going to find other purposes for your posts.  You are going to take a piece of content and change it so that it can get new audiences.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is an expression that normally relates to the environment.  You are going to reduce the time you spent blogging by getting extra value to those hours. You are going to reuse your old posts by recycling them.

In blogging lingo we talk about Return on Time Invested (ROI).  This post will show you how to maximize the amount of time you invested in a post by using it again for a different purpose.”  Read more by clicking the link below . . .