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The always generous Sally Cronin has opened up a new series and now invites authors to submit an excerpt of one of our books to be featured at Sally’s Smorgasbord Invitation.


Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – #Free #Book Marketing – New Series 2020 – Share an Extract.



We put a great deal of effort into promoting our new, recent and upcoming books but often our previous releases get sidelined.

In this new series I am offering you a chance to promote an earlier book (not your most recent) by sharing an extract from the book.


The aim of the series

  1. To showcase a previous book and sell some copies.
  2. Gain more recent reviews for the book.
  3. Promote a selection of other books that are available.

I will top and tail in the usual way with your other books and links, bio, photo and social media. I will also select a review that I feel has the best selling pitch for the book.

  • This series is open to authors in the Cafe and Bookstore who have more than one book (as this already gets promoted on a regular basis) and have reviews for that book I can select from.
  • I suggest an extract of approximately 500 words or a poem that you feel best reflects the theme of your collection.
  • If you have an illustration or images you can attach to the email for me to include. No need to send the cover as I will have that or will access from Amazon.
  • I will check reviews on Amazon sites as well as Goodreads and select one I feel is a great advertisement for the book.
  • As an author in the Cafe and Bookstore I will already have all your details, links and covers of other books so need to send anything further.
  • Please send your extract and any accompanying images to

To give you an example of what it will look like I am sharing an extract from Tales from the Garden, one of my earlier books from 2015 Please head over to Sally’s to continue reading.


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Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Twenty years after “I do”. | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

I’m Over at Sue Vincent’s Sharing an Excerpt

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Since I am still in process of reading a big book with limited time, my regular Sunday Book Review post today is a sharing of my guest post over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Twenty years after “I do”.

Twenty Years: After "I Do": Reflections on Love and Changes Through Aging by [Kaye, D.G.]Thank you for having me over Sue to share a little about my newest book, Twenty Years: After “I Do” – Reflections on Love and Changes Through Aging, which was released in December 2017.

This memoir touches on various aspects of situations that occur and change as the years went by in my marriage to a man 21 years my senior. I wrote the book around the title as opposed to writing a book and then wondering what it should be titled. And in the book, readers will soon learn why I chose the title.

Even going into marriage knowing that down the road there will inevitably be obstacles to endure and hopefully overcome, my eyes were wide open and heart full, enough to make me accept whatever challenges would come our way as the years ensued . . . and they did. And in this book, I bring to light some of the things that I encountered and how I dealt with them and how my marriage still managed to thrive with keeping with the foundations the marriage was built on and never taking any of those elements for granted – love, communication, compassion and laughter.

Excerpt from Twenty Years: After “I Do” by D.G. Kaye

To the Moon with Laughter

What would life be without laughter? I don’t think I’d even want to know the answer to that question, because only with laughter have I been able to get through many of life’s challenges. I could quote off a list of clichés about laughter, such as “Laughter is the best medicine”—but the fact is that it’s true. Laughter is good medicine. Every good belly laugh allows our bodies to take in more oxygen and creates endorphins, which prompt the enjoyment we receive from humor and lift our entire wellbeing. Besides being a great health benefit to our souls, lungs, and state of mind, laughter can provide comic relief in those moments that sometimes aren’t so humorous.

Based on all my relationships, I can attest to the fact that injecting humor in conversation when appropriate can take the edge off more serious circumstances. A healthy relationship will always contain humor, because laughter between two people creates a comfort bond, and comfort bonds maintain relationships through rockier times. Continue reading . . .


Source: Guest author: D. G. Kaye – Twenty years after “I do”. | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

#ExcerptWeek – MenoWhat? by D. G. Kaye | The Write Stuff

Marcia of Marcia Meara Writes is a generous blogger, not to mention a fantastic writer/author, who promotes the works of other authors on her blog. Incidentally, Marcia has just released the third book in her Wake-Robin Ridge series. Please visit her books HERE


Today I was invited to share an excerpt from my book, MenowWhat? A Memoir.

menowhat thumbnail 100x150_72dpi

Excerpt –MenoWhat? A Memoir by D.G. Kaye

Until we actually live through something, it’s difficult to imagine what the experience is like. When I was young but nearing menopause, I became interested in how the physiques of menopausal women began to change. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but I noticed that even the waistlines of smaller women weren’t as proportionately small as their slight frames suggested. I was certain the dreaded middle-age spread would not apply to me, and I referred to it as circumference expansion.

As we approach the early stages of menopause, estrogen begins to cozy up to our midriffs. Then, when we reach menopause, our depleted estrogen is replaced by cortisol-induced fat cells. Cortisol compensates for estrogen loss and loves to store fat cells around the belly. Thanks again, estrogen, for abandoning us and leaving us with an unfair trade-off of fat as your substitute! This is certainly a cruel punishment for those of us who worked so diligently to stay on top of our weight issues.

As a woman who had spent most of her young life on diets and lived fearfully by the scale, I was sure this phase would spare me. I thought it was simple: If we let ourselves get out of control and eat too much, of course we’ll gain weight. I believed that if I was disciplined in my diet and exercise regime, I wouldn’t have a problem with my waistline expanding.

Wrong again… Continue Reading 

Source: #ExcerptWeek – MenoWhat? by D. J. Kaye | The Write Stuff

P. S. I Forgive You by D. G. Kaye | The Write Stuff – #Writing #Memoir

PS I Forgive You

I’d like to thank Marcia Meara for encouraging me to share some of my work in progress. I know this is something many authors have done, but I always tended to shy away from sharing work still in draft.


Last weekend Marcia invited me to share an excerpt of my newest, upcoming book, P.S. I Forgive You. So below, you can read a sneak preview.


I can honestly say that this book has been the most difficult to write of all my books. Writing in memoir can sometimes be painful, but in the same token, cathartic. Reliving unhappy memories as I write, inviting others in to read my stories, my hope is that others can take something from it, perhaps find a place in their own hearts to learn forgiveness.


Thank you, Marcia for inviting me over again to share an excerpt of my work in progress. I’m going to admit I am a bit gun-shy because I never usually share my unpolished work, and please keep in mind this is only a second draft.

This segment is from my upcoming book P.S. I Forgive You. This is the sequel to my memoir, my first book, Conflicted Hearts, which was written and published while my narcissistic mother was still alive. This new book is closure to the hurts from emotional abuse and neglect, with understanding, and ultimately the forgiveness I found for my mother.


Excerpt from WIP – P.S. I Forgive You



It was up to me to break the bad Karma, according to the psychic reader and seer of past lives I was highly recommended to visit, while I was in Sedona, Arizona, early September of 2014.

After she informed me about events that would occur in my life in the coming year, Rayne granted me three questions. Being the skeptic I am, I was careful not to reveal much when having the reading done, in order to gauge how much the reader could tell me without my volunteering information. I merely nodded my head in affirmation when she’d say something accurate. Then I proceeded to ask her my questions.

I asked a minimally phrased question to Rayne, not wanting to divulge anything about my mother. “What about my mother?”

“What about your mother?” Rayne replied. She stared deep into my eyes with an inquisitive raised eyebrow. She looked at me in question, perhaps waiting for more before she told me she didn’t feel the presence of my mother in my life. My eyes held her gaze for a moment, but I didn’t offer another word.

Rayne proceeded to take a large, ancient-looking deck of cards out of a black velvet bag. She informed me these were not regular tarot cards, but her personal cards, handed down to her from past generations from her home in Thailand.

Dominating thoughts of my mother plagued my head with the guilt once again in that moment while Rayne shuffled the cards. I couldn’t seem to stop dwelling on the last time I abandoned my mother seven years before, because I knew, she wouldn’t live out the current year. My torturing thoughts nagged within, battling my indecision about whether or not I had to go see her and say good-bye before she died. Even though I knew it would have been a fruitless exercise, and would have only subjected me to more abuse, I still couldn’t manage to shake the guilt I carried. . .Continue Reading 


Source: #ExcerptWeek – P. S. I Forgive You by D. G. Kaye | The Write Stuff

#Excerpt from Words We Carry – Essays of Obsessions and Self-Esteem by D. G. Kaye | The Write Stuff


Thanks to Marcia Meara of The Write Stuff for inviting me over to her blog to showcase an excerpt of my book, Words We Carry.


Words We Carry Amazon click here


I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it without the help of anyone else’s criticisms to assist in the deflation of my own ego.”


What do our shopping habits; high-heeled shoes and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect the choices we make when choosing relationships?  

D.G. takes us on her journey of unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying the situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions about Chic-Lit for real demonstrates how hurtful events we encounter in our lives linger and set the tone for how we begin to value our own self-worth.

Words We Carry is a candid view and a raw, personal accounting of overcoming the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love oneself.


What’s The Attraction?


Do you ever wonder why we gravitate to certain types of partners? Is it because we randomly meet people and connect with them, or are most of us in search of the perfect partners, not willing to settle for anything less than our ideal mates? I dare not say that anyone is perfect. We all have flaws, and sometimes we choose the wrong partners for a number of reasons. Perhaps we’ve spent a long time searching for meaningful relationships and we’re tired of being alone, so we settle.

When we find the opportunity to hook up with someone, we may be willing to forego some of our requirements in a mate, grateful that we’ve finally met someone. Or maybe we only see the qualities we like in that person and tend to overlook the things we don’t? Either way, I think these choices are a recipe for disaster in the long term. I can speak from experience about this because I too once fell into this situation. . . Read More 


Read some reviews HERE


Source: #Excerpt from Words We Carry – Essays of Obsessions and Self-Esteem by D. G. Kaye | The Write Stuff