The Life of a Good Book


Life of a Good Book


Books sweep us away into our imaginations and transport us to an instant mini vacation, lifting our imaginations to places we never dreamed of ever going to, or sometimes, never knowing these places even existed.


We walk in the shoes of authors old and new, profound or entertaining. Stories lifting our spirits or breaking our hearts, stories to enlighten or to persuade, stories of darkness and others of hope. Whether we crave a good mystery, thriller, comedy or memoir, the story sets the tone for how it will leave the reader feeling. We as readers when engrossed in a good book, are made to feel anything from happy, sad, shocked, wondering or scared to death and everything in between when a story takes over all our emotions. We’re absorbed in the feelings of the characters – immersing ourselves as though we walk in their shoes.

When empathy or sympathy is felt by the reader, the author has succeeded in storyline and richly developed characters. When we’re brought to laughing in hysterics, crying our hearts out, or simply taking a pause to linger a moment over a lyrical phrase or perhaps dashing for the light switch from instilled fear by a well written horror story, the writer has done their job well. When the reader engages with the feelings of the characters in a book, the author has hit their target.

A good book never leaves us. Whether it be a powerful character, an engrossing plot line or a poignant message woven in the words, the author has accomplished their mission to engross, engage, enlighten, inform or entertain. This is the author’s greatest satisfaction when they know they’ve left an imprint in the reader’s imagination or heart and that they’ve left the reader satisfied by a good book.