Novel Writing: Organizing the Rough Draft | No Wasted Ink

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Wendy Van Camp is a writer who shares many of her discoveries about writing on her blog. Her blog is called No Wasted Ink. Besides some of the fascinating articles she writes on the art of writing, and some wonderful reviews and interviews, every Monday, Wendy posts her famous ‘Writers Links’. This is where she shares links of interesting articles she comes across with other writers.


This article I’m reblogging is Wendy’s share on how to organize your rough draft for the next stages. In the post she shares some books she’s read  which she found helpful in the different stages of book writing. Read Wendy’s article below, and make sure to jot down her book suggestions.


“When I write, the characters become friends to me, real people that I care about and want to spend time with. During the drafting process, this is a positive since it keeps your butt in the chair and working. However, after drafting, this love of story becomes a liability. Distance in the relationship is needed in order for you to take the next step in the process. Once that messy manuscript is completed, I stick it in a drawer or a computer file and take a long break from the work in order to allow my minds to reset on the story. . .”Continue Reading


I’d also like to give a big shoutout to Shehanne Moore (the smexy historical fiction writer), for nominating me as one of her chosen for the Epically Awesome Award.


Please check out her entertaining post  HERE  about her award, which of course is narrated by her jealous Hamster Dudes.