10 Winning Strategies For Your Author Event | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

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Author and friend Dan Alatorre shared a most informative post on his recent experience of doing a book signing. Dan offers up some invaluable tips on how to prepare for a book signing and what ‘to and not to’ do.


10 Winning Strategies For Your Author Event


HOW do you make your author event a WINNER?



I’ll tell you.


As an indie author OR a trad author, you’ll hear about events where you can sell books. Readings at book stores. Writer conferences. Craft shows. Book fairs.


Whether you have done them before or never done one ever, here are a few tips – in no particular order – to make your experience successful.


  1. Signing autographs is fun!

And awkward. After a while it’s like signing your credit card receipt for dinner at Golden Corral – you just do it and don’t think much about it. But the first few times, yeah, it’s weird.

Have a Sharpie and a regular pen and ACT LIKE YOU SIGN AUTOGRAPHS ALL THE TIME. Try to act that way, anyway. You are a real life author – and fans want that ambiance. BTW, if you are signing a book and they want it made out to  their sister, have a notepad handy and get the correct spelling of her name – or you may end up doing it twice – and they aren’t buying the misspelled one. . .Continue Reading


Source: 10 Winning Strategies For Your Author Event | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR