Sunday Book Review -New Reviews for Words We Carry, Have Bags, Will Travel, and Twenty Years: After “I Do”

Sunday Book Review

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye

While I’m still getting all my book reviews organized and finished for posting on the upcoming next few Sunday book reviews, I thought I’d share 3 reviews I came across for my own books while I was on vacation. It’s always gratifying to see our work continue on and our books being read and reviewed even while we are on a break from cyberworld. Thank you John Maberry, Norah Colvin and Robbie Cheadle for taking the time to read and review my books.


Words We Carry, Amazon


Words We Carry reviewed by John Maberry – A male’s perspective

I entered the inner sanctum of the other gender. The perspective of those members of the female sex who are concerned with appearance is foreign to me. I’ve heard it said that women dress for women and so do men. I have seen some truth in that but also have some reservations. Still, D.G. Kaye’s evolution of her own concerns with hair, makeup, clothes and more was interesting and informative to me. As a man, it’s difficult to fully appreciate the stresses and strains of all the effort that goes into what appears to me as a theatrical exercise that culture and insecurities demand. Kaye goes into the details of her own reasons for making the effort and how she has evolved beyond the superficial and insecure to the confidence of self-assurance in presenting herself.  Continue Reading . . .

Source: A Review of Words We Carry, by D.G. Kaye | Views from Eagle Peak


Have Bags, Will Travel D.G. Kaye


Have Bags, Will Travel reviewed by Robbie Cheadle

March 17, 2018

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Twenty Years