Is Canadian Health-Care becoming an Oxymoron? -My Opinion


Isn’t it strange that most of the time we watch the news regarding government funding, there rarely seems to be anything positive in the decisions being made for the average citizen?  it seems that more and more the topics being discussed usually include some sort of cutbacks.

I always say to my husband, there is not usually any good news on the news; I find it sometimes a mere foreshadowing of some gloom to come.  The Americans cry out at the state of their health-care and often compare it to our Canadian O.H.I.P. system.  Albeit, we as Canadians, are quite lucky to have such a health care system, but like most systems these days, it is quite evident that we continually feel the pinch of cutbacks with each passing year.  It seems as though more and more tests and prescription drugs are being eliminated from  formerly covered expenses.

As a holistic person, I do my best to try and live by ‘clean eating’ and I maintain my health by taking natural supplements which have sustained me and kept me in long remissions through the years while living with Crohn’s disease.

Health Canada has been slowly taking many supplements off the shelves of our health stores; supplements that many people like myself have come to depend on for better quality of life, for many years.  Not necessarily for health warnings per se more so because a lot of beaurocratic red tape.  It seems the process of approval for many supplements has been going through a ‘re-vamp’ for quite a few years now.  When they decided that all supplements required a NPN number, the supplier of such supplements had to re-submit forms for these numbers for items that had already been on shelves for years.  Newer supplements suppliers submitting forms could literally be in a wait line for years because of the backlog to implement the system,  This process can take some years until all submissions get to their review. In many cases, products are being taken off the shelves in the interim.  There is a lot of controversy about this because of a lot of hearsay about whether or not the system is relying on qualified checks on such products or if it is leaning back to the pharmaceutical companies, because that is where the money is.

This lag in the review process of course gives people like me, who rely on such products, not many alternatives,  I feel as though doing this to people who choose to live ‘naturally’, without pharmaceuticals, are being pushed against a wall.  I just think that we should all be able to make informed choices based on truthful information and not be media-hyped or government urged to have to rely on pharmaceuticals as an ‘only’ alternative,  I just want Health Canada to start looking at us citizens with human compassion and not as statistics about the almighty dollar.

Unfortunately, the world is becoming to greedy, in a desperate attempt to ‘one up’ one another, leaving human compassion sometimes to the wayside.  For now it’s just an inconvenience, but I am grateful to be able to still obtain my long-time remedies from the U.S.



Getting the Scoop at the Scope – #Colonoscopy


Talk, talk, talk; about colonoscopies.  Get screened for early detection, it can save thousands of lives annually.  This is what we hear.  Why are there so many ads and so much talk about it on the media and medical talk shows; only to reneg on the service?  I just don’t get it anymore.  For years, doctors and ‘government’ sponsored commercials have been advocating to get screened, only to turn around and now limit the program.

Earlier this week, I took my husband for his every three-year doctor ordered colonoscopy because he is one of those people who is pre-disposed to polyps.  When he was done, I had a great chat with his gastroenterologist.  Initially we were chatting about my husband’s results but as I posed some questions, eventually we got on the ‘hot topic’ of government cutbacks.

The doctor informed me that our Canadian O.H.I.P. system had made, yet, more cutbacks.  He told me that the province would no longer be covering the cost of colonoscopies as regular screening.  There now has to be a multitude of reasons for it, with a multitude of stipulations.

Apparently, the average citizen can now only get screened every TEN years and only after age of fifty, paid by the province.  He actually printed me a copy of the new guidelines – two pages full of stipulations for exceptions. Examples are:  if you have a first degree relative who had colon cancer,  or if you have two second degree relatives with it, you don’t have to pay if you are over fifty or ten years younger than the earliest age of diagnosis of the affected first degree relative.  The doctor told me that in the hereditary instances, in most cases, fifty is too late; it should be forty.  He said if a person already has symptoms, in many cases the prognosis isn’t good.

The list goes on and on with different allowances for previous findings of polyps, which had to have been within a certain measurement, and how many, etc.  “Lucky” people like me who suffers from Crohn’s disease, and colitis sufferers alike, are permitted every three years. If you are over aged seventy-five, no more coverage.

Let me just preface it by saying, some people are hesitant to get screened in the first place.  I don’t believe by adding a cost to it, it will encourage more people to do it.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  With all the medical urging for screening for early detection, we are now going backwards.  Colon cancer KILLS.  By catching it early it is almost always curable.  By waiting for symptoms to occur, it is in most cases; too late.

The cutbacks continue in our health care system.  What boggles my mind is: by making these cutbacks, it invites colon cancer to become a higher statistic.  Wouldn’t this cause the province more in cancer treatments?  Or is the plan perhaps; to hope more people die to cut over-population?

Just something to think about.  Things that make you ahhhh.