So Your Friend Is an Author… | chrismcmullen



Writer Chris McMullen wrote a great article on friendships authors have with non-author friends. He writes of the author’s world, much of the time spent in solitude, sometimes forgetting life exists outside the walls of our imaginations. Chris talks about what many people don’t take in consideration of in an author’s life. Click the link below and have a read.


So Your Friend Is an Author… | chrismcmullen.

Read Tuesday Progress and Plans | chrismcmullen

Read Tuesday Progress and Plans | chrismcmullen.

Read Tuesday Attention all authors! A great concept invented for marketing and promoting books.  Tuesday December 10, 2013, officially created for Readers Tuesday.  This is a day for all authors to put their book on promotion gearing toward the holiday season.  Click on the link above to learn how the concept works!