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 Attention Writer, Authors, Bloggers, Artists: Sally Cronin from Smorgasbord Invitation is once again opening her heart and her blog for all kinds of Christmas Promotions. Read her promotional post below, then continue reading on her page to discover a lovely selection of possibilities for you to submit to Sally’s blog to be a part of it!


Smorgasbord Christmas Promotions – Bloggers around the Christmas Tree




“We already have a promotion for books and for short stories and the third promotion is Bloggers Around the Christmas Tree. There are so many talented writers here on WordPress alone that it would take all year to list them. However, at this time of year as Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, there are some wonderful festive posts about family, parties, recipes and gifts.

This is an opportunity to bring new readers to your blog and to showcase your talent.

I will be including posts that I find as I am browsing my reader and reading posts at my regular hangouts, but I would love you to send me your links to posts about any aspect of this huge celebration around the world. Of course not everyone celebrates Christmas as a religious event but as an opportunity to get together with family and friends. It is this feeling of fun and laughter with people we love that I would like to celebrate.

Posts can include gift ideas so if you are a photographer, artist, designer then please send me a link to your buying sites.

If you are planning on posting anything to do with your own celebrations then please send me the link and I will feature an excerpt along with your photo and the link for people to head over to read the rest of the post. Also your main social media sites

This will take the place of Mention in Dispatches on Saturday mornings from Saturday December 3rd.

The trees that I have chosen for this promotion are from Annette Rochelle Aben and..”

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