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What’s in Your Stocking?


Christmas sock


One magical Christmas, a simple woolen sock dangled from a hook.

Unlike other Christmases of past,

The contents have changed as the years progress.

Once stuffed with chocolates, candies and miniature plastic dolls and toys.

As the years advanced, to perfume, makeup, and a costume bauble or two.

But as more years passed, the contents had changed yet again.

No longer tangible gifts and trinkets – we’re passed that now. 

It was time to discard commercialism and remember basics and what matters most.


Now the stocking hangs weightless, but it’s far from empty.

The fireplace crackles below a simple Christmas stocking, threaded to a bough.

Holding now some of the most important things that somehow disappeared into the ‘take life for granted box’ of the past.

Filled now with hopes, dreams and prayers,

Stuffed with wishes for kindness, love, good health, goodwill toward all mankind, and peace for the world.

 For these are the things that matter most and first of all.




We’re invited to share a Christmas story or poem over at Stevie Turner’s blog. Pop over and join in. This was my story entry.


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Seasons Greetings – Wishing You All Happy Holidays



Merry Christmas

Just a short post as I wanted to wish you all happy holidays and wishing all your hopes and dreams come to fruition.


I know it’s a busy time for many of us getting ready to celebrate with family and probably over-indulge in goodies and drinks but I know we all deserve this time to let loose and enjoy the people in our lives. We spend many of our waking hours here online with our readers and friends, so use this time to catch up with the ones who put up with our absence throughout much of the year as we work hard in our virtual lives. This is a time to live, laugh and love and remember all that we’re grateful for. Relax and prepare for the year ahead.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to all that celebrate their own individual customs and holidays.

Below you will find a tiny video clip I amateurishly made. In my pursuit to get more involved with video in the new year, I thought I’d experiment with this little message for you.



#Christmas Holiday Wishes – My Christmas Wish

Xmas wish

I’d like to take this time to wish all of my friends here a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Yes, I love saying Merry Christmas, and with the world full of political correctness, just about everything that’s said seems to be getting some sort of scrutinizing, but there are just some phrases that remain a part of us.


I’m not of the Catholic or Christian faith, but since childhood, I was smitten with the magic of Christmas. Sure, I was captivated by the glistening of Christmas lights on the city streets, and I yearned for a Christmas tree to have in my home in all its shining glory, but Christmas time is so much more than lights and presents.

Xmas tree2


Christmas for me is a time to remember the importance of friends and family, a time to reflect on the year about to pass. It’s also a time where I miss loved ones who have passed, just a little bit more, and most of all, a time to remember gratitude.


The world seems to be in such a volatile state these days. There is much doubt and faith, many questions unanswered, too much violence, and greed. My wish is that mankind could revisit goodness, kindness, and compassion, and remember to be grateful for some of life’s most mundane things we so often take for granted.


heart hands

I’m remembering my loss of my loved ones, and with that in mind, it serves to remind me just how precious life is. I’ve watched suffering, and I’ve been stunned at how in a moment’s notice a loved one can be snatched from our lives, sometimes even without warning, without a sign of illness. These types of reminders show us how quickly life can turn on a dime.


Let us remember our lost loved ones by holding them dear in our hearts, and remember the love we hold for those who are all here with us now. Let us find joy in our hearts for every little thing we have, and remember gratitude for every single day we are gifted with another day of living.




If we can all learn to let go of some of the hurt and uncertainties that dwell within us and turn that into forgiveness and hope, maybe as a unified chain of positivity, we can help to make the world a better place. This is my Christmas wish.


Wishing you all happiness and health and peace for now, and for all the years to come.


snow-man-992355_640 (2)


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