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Today I’m sharing my 5 Star Review on Sally Cronin’s latest book, Tales from the Garden. Anyone who knows Sally, knows that she is not only a kind and giving person, but she is also a very talented and creative writer who has published several books. Her latest book here was inspired by the beauty of her garden. Sally will be moving next year and was inspired to write these tales from her garden so she could take them all with her for keepsakes when she no longer has them around her. Here is my review:


Tales of the Garden is an eclectic compilation of home-made fairy tales, brought to life by the author’s interpretation with the fantasy stories created about the statues residing in her garden. Cronin gives life to these characters, complete with descriptions of who they are, what they represent, and their duties.
In this garden you’ll find fairies, royalty, animals, guards, musicians, and even some tales of infidelity, grief, and childhood trauma. Read about the queen who catches the king in the arms of another woman. What will his punishment be?
The brilliance of Cronin’s bringing together tales from centuries ago, combined with stories of mortals who ruled the land, are clever and intriguing. Her stories encompass some of the real-life situations that humans contend with; her statues are no different.
The book concludes with The Duchess’ story – Cronin’s mother. She shares the family background of the home and its inhibitors, where the garden sits, providing the backdrop for the characters who are brought to life in this wonderfully written story. A beautiful read for young and old alike. Note: I was thrilled to have won a copy of this book in a draw for the book launch.


Sally TalesAvailable at Amazon (amongst many other places).

This book would make a beautiful Christmas gift for all ages. The pictures enhance the feeling we get while reading the enchanting stories.

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DGKaye©December 2015

Winter’s Approach


No longer are branches erect,

as the weight of snow and wind lay on their backs.

Cool winds have made their entrance,

Autumn leaves scatter in a flurry,

as winter’s breath makes its presence felt.

Turkey eaten, goblins soon to pass,

another year nears to a close,

and soon comes Christmas.

©D.G. Kaye – 2013snowbaby06