Master Chef Junior #Kindness


Why do I love this show so much? I don’t watch many TV shows, and I’m not a particular fan of many reality shows, but I do like to cook and watch a few cooking shows, particularly Master Chef Junior.

The fact that these little chefs are aged between 8 and 12 and can cook like pros blows me away. I would certainly fear competing against these little clever kids. Besides learning new things while watching this show and being enthused by watching them complete their tasks, creating complex dishes for the weekly competition by their Masters, Gordon, Graham and Joe, I find this show so heart-warming.

The warm and fuzzies I get from watching the comradery and kindness demonstrated amongst these kids makes me look forward to every episode. It seems their innocence has yet to be ruined with greed, envy and jealousy that is often projected in some of the adult versions of this show.

masterchef 2

These little ones cheer one another on, congratulate one another when someone wins a competition with big hugs and sincere joy. At the end of each episode when someone has to be eliminated, I love the spirit and human kindness and compassion they all demonstrate. Many of their little faces have tears streaming down their cheeks when a fellow friend and competitor has to leave. In those touching moments I realize how pure their hearts still are, unscathed by petty jealousies and envy. It’s also nice to see the softer side of the Master chefs and how they handle the tender emotions of these children, especially when they have to deliver unfavourable verdicts. It’s not uncommon to catch a tear or two in one of their own eyes.

This show not only encourages young children to learn how to cook, but is a great example for all children to watch for inspiration, to learn that it’s okay to commend others even if they themselves didn’t win a challenge, and experience how good friendships develop.

Have any of you watched this show?