Alas! Meno-What? A Memoir available in Paperback!


BIG NEWS!  Meno-What? A Memoir is finally available in paperback!

For those of you who have been following my struggles with Createspace, I wanted to let you all know that I have received my proof copies and have hit publish!

Thanks again for all your support and interest in the publication of my paperback version. As I mentioned that I would do in my earlier post, I have now added the link HERE and on my Meno-What? page where you can purchase the paperback copy.

Also, Createspace will be solely selling the paperback until it links it to Amazon in a few days and during these very few days, I appreciate if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy to please do so at Createspace so I can reach my threshold there and get my ‘ransom’ money out that they are withholding. Once I reach that threshold I will be removing the link to Createspace. ONLY 7 BOOKS to go and I’m out of royalty jail!

Where are my books? — Createspace delays



I just wanted to place an update here on the availability of my new book Meno-What? A Memoir. As you may have read in one of my earlier posts about The Sticky Royalty issues I’m having with Createspace, I had requested that if any of you here wished to purchase a paperback copy, to please do so from the link I’d attach on my Meno-What? page. When I first published the ebook version in early June, I downloaded the paperback version with Createspace and ordered proof copies for myself to proofread before I hit publish for paperback. Normally the proofs should arrive within a week. Well today is July7th and as some of you have been questioning me about purchasing the paperback, I felt as though I should keep you abreast of why it is not yet available. menowhat thumbnail 100x150_72dpi I have sent numerous emails to Createspace inquiring as to the status of my book delivery. The first few emails I received were very generic, stating my order has been shipped—not very informative. Then I finally got a response that my order would be received by June 27th. Although I wasn’t thrilled about waiting seventeen days, I had no choice. Then it was the weekend and then it came Canada Day, July 1st and still no books. I emailed them again on July 2nd. That time I stated that surely when you send a package you receive a tracking number, and I kindly requested somebody should get on top of that tracking number and see where my books are. The next day I received another email, included in that email was a tracking number from the U.S. I spent over an hour trying to track that number and as I am Canadian, that U.S. tracking number was useless to me. I WAS FURIOUS by that point. After finding that tracking number was useless to me, I wrote this back again:

Well, another day has passed and the mailman has come and gone. This Monday will mark almost ONE MONTH since I have ordered my proof copies of my new book Meno-What? A Memoir, in order to approve and publish. You guys have sent me responses saying it’s been sent, several times. Then you emailed me a tracking number, which has no use to me because I can’t track it anywhere. You are the sender; you should have a means to track what you send with the number.

After numerous requests asking me where the paper back is, others have now downloaded the ebook and once again I will have nobody to purchase these books because they will be buying it on Amazon, just as what happened with my first book — if this one ever gets published. This leaves my money sitting in YOUR account now for almost 7 months that will never surpass $100 now because the book has been out now for almost a month with no paper edition and the thrill has worn off for the eager waiters.

I am asking you to find out where those books are, or have them resent because they sure aren’t here. I am also asking you to please release my royalties in all fairness due to this huge delay. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Their reply:

Hello Deborah,

Thank you for taking the time to contact CreateSpace support today. I am very sorry to hear that you have still not received your order. Given the length of time that has elapsed, it appears that the package was lost in transit. Because of this issue, I created order #XXXX to replace your defective book copy. This package is expected to be delivered by Wednesday, July 9 to the following address: .. . . . . Please keep this e-mail for your records as your replacement order number, listed above, will not be included in the Purchase History within your account. If the original package arrives before the replacement, please keep both shipments with our compliments. Once again, I apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate the time you took to contact us. As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again. Best regards,

Really? Funny how my books should now be here in three business days! I particularly liked the kicker, if I receive the first order, I can keep it too. How quaint.

It is so frustrating as an author to not have direct communication when dealing with publishing issues. Waiting hours or days for an email response is just so frustrating, but our hands are tied. And, notice how there was still NO mention of releasing my royalties.

So that’s my update. Once again, I appreciate the interest and the questions from my readers about the option to purchase the paperback edition of Meno-What? As soon as I receive it (crossing fingers it appears by July 9th), I will post the link here to inform you of its availability and I will add the ‘buy’ link on my Meno-What? page. From what I remember of the procedure when I published my first book, Conflicted Hearts, the book is available solely on Createspace for about two to three days and then it gets linked to the ebook version on and that is where people tend to purchase from because it is already conveniently available right there without having to go to Createspace, even though it is always still available there. One thing I did notice though, is that the shipping charges seem to be cheaper from Createspace than they are on Amazon. Why? I’m not sure.

Have any of you had any crazy issues in your publishing processes?


ANNOUNCING—Meno-What? – A Memoir, Memorable Moments of Menopause by D.G. Kaye

I am over the moon with excitement to announce that my new book (ebook version)Meno-What?  A Memoir will be published Tuesday June 10th on Amazon. As I had numerous delays getting this book out, I anticipated the birth of it Saturday June 7th (my birthday) so we could share the date, but as we all know, we can never rely on a due date! 🙂

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NOTE: I would like to ask that if any of you would like to purchase a paperback copy to consider purchasing it direct from Createspace or here on my Meno-What? page by clicking the link that takes you directly to Createspace. The link will be available to purchase from sometime next week and I will post here when it becomes available.  For those of you who may have read my earlier post about Createspace, my royalties there are being held captive until I reach a $100 threshold before they will release my royalties. My books will be available on Amazon, but I made the error in sending family to Createspace to purchase my first book, Conflicted Hearts, as soon as it was live because they didn’t want to wait the two to three days it sometimes takes for the paperback to link to Amazon and after it was linked, my paperback sales have all come from Amazon, thus nobody any longer purchases through Createspace for me to reach the threshold for me to receive my funds. Once I reach that threshold, I will be removing the Createspace link.

Thank you all for your comments and emails, for your interest in the publication of my new book.