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Hi all, I just thought I’d share a tidbit of information here about a little digital snag I ran into.

I mentioned in a post a few days ago in #Scrivener #Audits #Revisions of my dilemma about going on vacation and leaving my laptop at home. I wanted to thank so many of my blogger friends here for offering up your opinions on taking a digital break.

I am almost certain that I am taking this wise advice, although I will be taking my #smartphone with me for pictures, to maybe glimpse at my social media, and yes, to have at least one techno gadget with me so I don’t go into complete withdrawl. This will also enable me to post a blog or two (time and too much fun permitting), if I feel the need.

Digital distress

In coming to this near decision, I went into my phone to make sure all of my apps are running smoothly with passwords plugged to avoid frustration after I leave. I then went into my browser to pull up my website and wasted about an hour trying to figure out why it kept rejecting my password. I had never tried to open my website on my phone previously.

After several futile attempts, I went back to my desktop to begin searching google and WordPress forums to try and figure out the problem. I had found many people’s comments there, complaining about the same issue I was having.

After wasting another hour of searching, I finally came across a comment where someone had stated that they downloaded the WordPress app and didn’t know what to put in for the user info. A light bulb clicked in my brain. Duh me! I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t just type in my URL in my browser and sign in from there, even though the sign in page came up asking me to do so, continuously rejecting my correct password.

I then went back to my phone apps and downloaded the WordPress app. I typed in my URL and password and VOILA – I was in! I checked my access to everything: comments, posts, etc., and felt huge relief.

Now, if I hadn’t got all that organized before leaving, I would have wasted precious vacation time, and not to mention, huge data usage for my two hour investigation. So I wanted to share this little tale for those of you who may not be so well-versed in WordPress for smartphones. You never know when the need can arise where we need to get into our blogs when we’re away from home or our computers.

As many of you may know, I like to share my digital woes so I can not only vent my frustrations, but I can also hopefully save someone else the agro. With that said, I’m armed and ready and leaving the laptop at home!

P.S. There was a time I’d never turn my data on when crossing the border. I’ve had a few unpleasant phone bills upon my returns. But if any of you are Canadian and are connected by Rogers, they have a pretty decent roaming plan now. For $5 a day you can use your home cell phone in the U.S. with unlimited calling and texting within Canada and the U.S. and by using your existing data plan from home there is no extra charge unless you go over your data limit. This plan is capped at a 10 day max charge equivalent to ($50) max for a month, if you happen to be away that long. And providing you don’t go over your home plan’s data limit. Hey, for $30 I’ll call it an accessory! I can also leave my little not-so-smart U.S. cell phone at home.


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Note: I’ve had numerous problems with this site for a few days. Comments were mysteriously disabled, and my recent thank you post on blogger awards I was nominated has vanished. If anyone finds they cannot comment again (Thank you Cat) please let me know, it would be appreciated. 🙂