Book Review — Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay

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Deborah Jay is a fantasy author. When she’s not busy writing books, or reviewing other’s books, Deborah is busy in her ‘real life’ being a professional horse rider, trainer, and judge of competitions. I honestly don’t know how she keeps up and manages to write fabulous books. I just finished reading one of her books, Desprite Measures, which is an urban fantasy novel. I have to admit, it was different for me to jump into this genre as I usually read nonfiction, and chick-lit for my great escape moments, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me turning pages (or should I say clicking pages on my kindle), quickly, as I became concerned for the main character’s demise and mission.


An Entertaining Fantasy with Heart and Compassion Desprite     Meet Cassie Lake, the loveable water sprite. She’s an elemental who has the ability to transform herself to human form. Cassie is often caught between two worlds; experiencing the emotions of love and compassion as a human, while out of her water form. In the beginning, Cassie meets Gloria, her polar opposite. Gloria is a fire element. They both are trapped by the magician Liam who wants to experiment with their elements, which would have detrimental consequences if he succeeded by having the two elementals touch. In a clever ploy, the two escape and the story continues with Cassie’s quest to stop the mad magician with the help of Gloria and some other wonderful characters such as witches, vampires, and Euan the silkie, from seeking them out to carry out his plans.

One can’t help but to cheer Cassie on after encountering so many predicaments in her quest to save the Loch in Scotland from exploding by the hands of Liam. This was a well-written story and a delight to read.