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Easter Smorgasbord

I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates it, a Happy Easter. Today I choose to reblog a wonderful Easter basket full of blog treats from the talented Sally Cronin over at Smorgasbord Invitation.

I have to say that I’m truly honoured to be featured as one of Sally’s ‘Jolly Good Eggs’, but please do click on some of the other blogger links Sally has added to her basket and you will find some wonderful writers you may want to add to your follow list.

Smorgasbord Easter Egg Hunt – Bloggers who are ‘Jolly good eggs’


“It is Easter and no doubt there will be chocolate!  Oh yes!.  I am not fully present here on the blog at the moment as I am busy filling boxes with items I cannot part with and charity bags with things I hope will bring others pleasure.

However, there are somethings I cannot part with and with the power of the Internet, I can thankfully take with me wherever I go. This bunch of ‘Jolly Good Eggs’ as they used to say back in the flapper days of the 20s…. are coming with me and if you are not already following their blogs or on social media then there is no time like the present.

There are so many supportive and talented bloggers that are part of the community and I simply could not find an egg to fit everyone in so this is a very small selection.

Just click on the person’s name and it should take you right to their latest blog post or website.  Enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt and you will be delighted when you find such creative and colourful treasures.”


D. G. Kaye – Debby Gies

Chris Graham The Story Reading Ape    Sue Vincent

Olga Nunez Miret    Janice Spina      Ali Isaac     Judith Barrow

Kim Gosselin     Susan M Toy    Sarah Vernon – First Night Design   Hugh Roberts

Judy Martin     David Prosser    Teagan Geneviene    Christoph Fischer   Jo Robinson

Angie Quantrell    John Howell     Gigi Sedlmayer  Annette Rochelle Aben

Charles Yallowitz     Diana Wallace Peach     Nicholas Rossis

William Price King   Michelle Clements James     Mary Smith

Tess Karlinski     Deanie Humphreys Dunne

Cindy Knoke   Vera Komnig

Source: Smorgasbord Easter Egg Hunt – Bloggers who are ‘Jolly good eggs’ | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life