Sunday Book Review – How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry Online

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing a book I ordered because I was curious to learn about the inside tricks of selling personal items online, such as Ebay, and I discovered – How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry Online by Micki Suzanne – expert Ebay seller.

I came across this book in my quest to learn more about selling techniques, and as I’m aiming to de-clutter my own home and have a small collection of antique jewelry collecting dust I’ve been considering selling. I wanted to learn about how to maximize profits and gain potential buyers, fair pricing, shipping and policies.  Plus, I also found it helpful as a writer who has to market her own work, getting more into the marketing aspect of things. Most authors (like me) would much rather be writing than marketing.




Do not surrender good jewelry to the gold buyers! Written with heart and humor, this sassy little book explains how to sell vintage and gold jewelry on eBay for top dollar. Since success can lead to obsession, the author explains how to buy online to resell online. Explanations of the entire process are peppered with the author’s real world wins and woes.

Micki Suzanne is a freelance marketing writer and lifetime collector who has owned her own brick and mortar antique shop. Lyme disease turned her world upside down, forcing her to turn to eBay for inventory and much-needed additional income. She is a former eBay Voices of the Community member with 100% positive feedback.


My 5 Star Review:

This book has a wealth of nuggets for those of us wanting to learn how to sell our treasures on Ebay, or on any other online platform for that matter. Although the book is in a specialized niche of vintage and antique jewelry, it’s also a great instructional on online marketing and may also pique one’s interest if they are the proud owners of lots of ‘stuff’ and want to learn the inside secrets from one successful and avid seller to help us become profitable sellers.

How to Sell Vintage and Gold Jewelry is not only informative for those who want to learn how to sell items online successfully, but it is written with a bit of a memoir touch as the author includes personal stories about her selling journey,  offering a wealth of  tips on how to maximize sales among great competition.

Suzanne arms us with good info about the nitty-gritty- all the tedious things some sellers may overlook when presenting their wares such as: tools to have on hand for repairs, required craft supplies, best angle shots for photographing items for sale, and lots of detail on what to include in selling descriptions to maximize profit and become a good seller on Ebay, as well as the various shipping methods with pros and cons. As a bonus from reading this book, I’d say it’s also a good book for online buyers to help identify all the little important things we should be looking for to aid in helping us make good purchasing decisions.