Have You Ever Had Your # Ebooks #Autographed?




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Have any of you ever wondered how to give readers your autograph in an ebook?

Well, yes it’s possible with a site called Authorgraph. It’s a cool site where authors can sign up with their books to enable us to sign an autograph for readers who would like to have a signed book in ebook form.

 As many avid readers would love to have their favorite authors autograph their books, circumstances don’t always allow for such a convenience.  Unless the reader obtained a paperback copy at a book signing where they could actually meet the author or somehow have one sent to them, there was a void left where readers could share in this experience with the purchase of an ebook, until Authorgraph became available.


This is a free service to authors and readers alike whereby the author signs up to this service by providing their book’s ASIN number and their email address, that’s it! How simple?


The author is then added to the directory of available books that are enabled to have a signature attached to them. Readers can check this list to see if the book they have is on the list and send a request through Authorgraph who in turn informs the author that there is a request for a signature for their book. Authors have the option of typing in a chosen script or signing their name with their mouse and adding in anything else they choose to write to the reader.

Now, the autograph cannot be inserted directly into the ebook however, the reader can store it with their ebooks in a collection and still have a personalized message written for them from their favorite authors. How cool is this? Oh, and of course I signed up two years ago and have had and fulfilled quite a few requests. Check it out!  🙂