And So It Begins………………….#Editing


I’m starting to understand those feelings that I have so often read about from many others.  That Old “Editing Feeling”.  You know, the one you get when you have sent your ‘baby’ – your manuscript to the editor to start the process of what Stephen King likes to call “murder your darlings”.  When I opened up the sample chapter I had forwarded to my editor before submitting the whole MS, and saw all those ‘red marks’, chop this, cut that, it hurt.  I know I was prepared for such slashings, but none-the-less it still hurt.  There were some good moments through it though, particularly when one page could get scathed by with no markings, that felt victorious. So as I await my work to come back to me in the next week, I am preparing for the work I will have cut out for me.  I just wanted to share my feelings of the ‘first coming’ and let you all know that no matter what must be done, you are going to feel pain. Just a thought.