Book Review #Memoir – Leaning into Love – Elaine Mansfield

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A beautiful, poignant memoir written by Elaine Mansfield, Leaning into Love. Today I’m sharing my review of Elaine’s heartfelt and eloquently written memoir of her journey through her life, love and grief with the loss of her husband Vic to cancer.

leaning to love

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“I’ll find a way to be all right,” Elaine promised Vic, her dying husband and best friend of 42 years. Leaving the hospital after he passed, she had no idea how. Her uplifting story of love, hope, determination, and triumph is a gift to the half million women who lose spouses each year.”


on August 16, 2015

Format: Paperback

Riding the waves of love and loss, Mansfield shares her journey through grief beginning with learning to weather her husband Vic’s impending death sentence from a rare cancer, as she navigates the process of fighting to prolong his life, accepting the defeat of death, and learning to live on by herself after Vic’s death.

A compelling and moving memoir from start to finish, as we follow the author’s detailed rollercoaster ride of emotion while she struggles to keep sane and strong during her husband’s illness, and long afterward.

A touching story of true love, separated by illness, and the courage of becoming one again after being part of a loving couple. A must read for everyone; for those who have loved and lost, and for all who will one day eventually bear this crossing.