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In honour of my upcoming new release, P.S. I Forgive You, I am putting Conflicted Hearts on FREE PROMO all this week starting today Monday September 19 through the 23rd.


My new book was originally intended as a sequel to Conflicted Hearts, but it is also a standalone because of the content – learning forgiveness for myself as a daughter of a narcissistic mother, for my decision to remain estranged from her as her death was approaching. And also forgiveness for my mother’s sins.


For those of you who would like to get a copy of Conflicted Hearts before my new book comes out in the next few days, I am giving everyone a chance to grab a free copy of the first book.

Conflicted Hearts Cover SMALL revised



A lifetime of guilt — What does it take to finally break free?

‘Somehow I believed it was my obligation to try to do the right thing by her because she had given birth to me. 

Burdened with constant worry for her father and the guilt caused by her mother’s narcissism, D.G. Kaye had a short childhood. When she moved away from home at age eighteen, she began to grow into herself, overcoming her lack of guidance and her insecurities. Her life experiences became her teachers, and she learned from the mistakes and choices she made along the way, plagued by the guilt she carried for her mother.
 Conflicted Hearts is a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and acceptance, an exploration of the quest for solace from emotional guilt.

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Here are a few reviews:


5 Stars Engaging, Emotional Read

on September 10, 2016

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


This book is part women’s fiction, part memoir. It chronicles the highlights (and lowlights) of a daughter’s life as she moves from co-dependence to freedom; from duty and obligation to choice; from emotional insecurity to a healthy emotional base; from fractured to wholeness.

If you think back to a sporting event you’ve attended, you may recall sitting on the sidelines cheering, booing, shaking a fist or clapping. If you’re in touch with that experience, then you’ll understand when I say that Conflicted Hearts is that type of read.

You’ll become a fan of Kaye, while sitting on the sidelines, reading her life story. You’ll cheer for her when she makes “good” decisions and boo when she makes “bad” ones. You’ll clap for her when she learns a tough lesson and frown when she cycles through the same issue. You will sigh, displeased when she reaches for familiar, but harmful behavior and rejoice when she demands to be treated as worthy.

One can’t help but become a fan of Kaye because she allows us full access to her experiences, her mind and her emotions. She withholds nothing, which was not only brave of her but also wise. It is her honesty, wisdom and courage that drew me in from page one and kept me invested until the end.

I found this a highly enjoyable read, very insightful, touching and well written with a satisfying ending. I don’t need any other reasons to recommend this book but I will say that I admire the cover. It artistically depicts the content and title. Truly a work of art from cover to cover and in between.


5 Stars A Journey of Personal Growth

on September 4, 2016

D. G. Kaye writes a compelling narrative about her narcissistic mother who whirled through Kaye’s childhood life like a tornado, prone to rages, self-absorbed, and unreliable as a parent. Her father was in and out of the household, his relationship with his wife volatile, and Kaye remembers dreading his next departure and worrying that he might not return at the end of each day.

It wasn’t until she turned 18 and left home that she was able to begin looking back at her life, evaluating the dynamics of her relationship with her mother, and making choices for her own well-being.

Conflicted Hearts doesn’t read as a story as much as it does a reflection on Kaye’s life and emotional growth. For those who grew up in emotionally chaotic households, the dynamics of blame and guilt will sound familiar. The constant worry, the burden of responsibility for siblings, and the desperate need to keep the peace will ring bells.

Kaye’s writing is candid with bits of humor and some light moments of joy in her journey of growth. The message of the book speaks to the strength of a positive attitude and outlook, and the role of forgiveness in moving forward.

If you love memoirs and reflections on personal growth, this book will hit the mark.


5 Stars Read this and then give it to a troubled teen–it’s not their fault

VINE VOICEon July 10, 2016


The preview for the book reads: A lifetime of guilt — What does it take to finally break free?And that’s exactly what this story is. A young woman’s guilt over parents who couldn’t love her, a childhood that included none of the nurturing events so critical to children, and mistakes made by the child–because she was a child–which she believed caused her parents to be distant and uncaring. Add to this horrible mix heartbreak, abuse, an incurable immune-deficiency disease, and almost losing the love of her life.– thank God children are resilient. You will want to hug this child and tell her it’s just not her fault.

Told with DG Kaye’s typical honesty and openness, and a writing style that draws readers right into the emotion. Plan to give this book to anyone suffering from childhood issues that simply aren’t their fault and they can’t fix.


Conflicted Hearts on Free Promo Amazon – Grab your copy here and prepare for book II




D.G. Kaye speaks! #Womens #Empowering #Summit Live!

Author Photo Professional

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here promoting The Womens Empowering Summit. This summit is hosted by divorce coach Heather Debreceni. In the summit, Heather interviewed 23 certified experts who spoke about the topic of women going through divorce and how to handle the children who tend to get caught in the crossfire. I was ecstatic when Heather chose me, an author, to add to her esteemed panel of interviewees.


Heather found me while doing a search on the subject and she came across my book Conflicted Hearts, my memoir on growing up in an emotionally unstable home and living with guilt from a narcissistic mother.

You can listen to the live interview by pressing the play button here:


In our interview I discuss the turmoil a child can have to endure while growing up in a broken home when parents tend to get so wrapped up in their own conflicts and forget to tend to their children’s emotional needs.

Please feel free to listen to the interview and come back here and comment, or perhaps leave me a question. This is my first public interview, and I have to admit, I still have my stage fright even though I wasn’t on camera. It was a great experience, both emotionally fulfilling, and a step into speaking publicly.


D.G.Kaye ©May 2015 dgkayewriter.com

My First Book Review!

Conflicted Hearts Cover MEDIUM revised

My book Conflicted Hearts has been live now for 2 days! I am so excited to share a 5 Star Review that was posted today. Wow I thought, someone already had bought and read it! I know I have a long way to go in this business, but it has certainly been one busy year.

As I am still working hard on my marketing and social platform, I am gratefully back to dedicating more time back to my second book (the title is a secret). I’d like to share with you now my first review below:

Most helpful customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars What a great find! Dec 19 2013

By Karen B

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Yesterday I happened to come across this book and I am so glad that I did. It made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me angry but most of all, it made me cheer for D.G. Kaye! She writes with candor and insight, passion and heart. It is an easy comfortable read, much like having a conversation and I couldnt put the book down until the conversation was over. You can feel the little girl’s worry and confusion, the teenager’s guilt and angst, the sadness and the searching of the young woman and finally the strength of the adult. Ms. Kaye writes about the effects her mother’s actions has had on her entire life and the decisions she has made but she is never mean spirited about it and it makes you love her more.

It is a book that makes you think, reflect, understand and most of all it is a book that shows you that with the right attitude and beliefs you can forgive and move forward. I loved it!Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.54.19 PM

Conflicted Hearts | Maxima

Conflicted Hearts Cover SMALL revised

Conflicted Hearts | Maxima. Interview,

I have reblogged today’s interview with Stefan Maxima on my upcoming book, Conflicted Hearts – A daughter’s quest for solace from emotional guilt.

I’d like to thank Stefan for all his time and effort put into the interview and thanks for sharing my book on your page! 🙂

It’s Here!!! Conflicted Hearts

I am so excited to share  my book cover here for Conflicted Hearts.  The book will be launching later in November and to read a synopsis, please click on ‘Conflicted Hearts’ page above.  What an exciting journey this has been getting to this stage of my book.  Writing is my joy, marketing and self-publishing became a whole new learning curve, which is an ongoing process.  As my book is in the process of going to my second editor, I anticipate by early November, to be sharing an excerpt here for you.  Please feel free to comment here on the book cover of Conflicted Hearts to let me know how the message of my book correlates with the cover.Conflicted Hearts Cover MEDIUM