Ereaders versus Paperback



Many polls are taken to find out whether readers prefer reading paperbacks or on an ereading device. According to statistics, ebooks sell more than paperback but I don’t know if I’m sold on that theory. I sometimes question how this data is collected. I know that one of the U.S. biggest book chains, Borders, was closed over a year ago and I hear other tales of struggling book stores, yet I have trouble comprehending the thought that books may someday become near extinct. Every time I hear this I can’t help but think of Ray Bradbury’s Farenheight 451.

Since the time I became a published author, I was surprised to learn of just how many in my circles alone will only read paperbacks. Surprisingly as well, when I asked the younger generation, namely students, they also preferred paperbacks. I became aware of these preferences when my first book Conflicted Hearts came out and everyone I knew wanted to wait for the paperback version, not just because they knew me and wanted a tangible copy, because they didn’t enjoy reading on a device.

Statistically though, it is quite apparent to me that I sell many more ebooks than I do paperback. I’ve also conferred with other authors for their take on this and they all agreed that they sell more ebooks than paper. I guess the jury is still out.

Personally, I couldn’t live or work without paperbacks. Yes, my kindle is full of books which I enjoy reading immensely. But those are mainly novels in different genres I enjoy reading. The books I read to hone my craft of writing, I like to purchase in paperback. I need that physical book so that I can dogear, highlight and flip through the pages quickly for something I’ve marked that I need to go back to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ereading for its convenience, especially when traveling or just going to a doctor’s appointment. I don’t have to tote numerous weighty books around and my kindle or smartphone can pick up right where I left off previously. But again, when I’m working, I don’t care to press a lot of arrows to scan for the things I’ve highlighted or for a particular page.

So with that all said, I can say that I enjoy both options. Both methods have their place in my reading world.

What about you? Do you have a preference?