Sunday Book Review – The Ferryman and The Sea Witch by Diana Wallace Peach

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. As many of you know, I’ve been on a whirlwind of reading books that are helping me to get through my personal journey of grief. In between these books, I have stuck in a few ‘pleasure’ reads that had me lost in story, which I’m finding is the perfect antidote to engage me as a perfect diversion from the dark abyss I often find myself in since I’ve moved and settled into my solo home. Diana’s book was great medicine for me in that department. The Ferryman and the Sea Witch was a spectacular world build that took me right into the story of Callum – the Ferryman who sailed the deep sea, for a debt he owed to the Sea Witch, which begins the story of good versus evil. A vast array of intricate characters including two warring kingdoms where Callum’s ship crossed waters between both. Only, with every journey came a new threat and Callum’s job to play middle-man between the feuding royals.





The merrow rule the sea. Slender creatures, fair of face, with silver scales and the graceful tails of angelfish. Caught in a Brid Clarion net, the daughter of the sea witch perishes in the sunlit air. Her fingers dangle above the swells.

The queen of the sea bares her sharp teeth and, in a fury of wind and waves, cleanses the brine of ships and men. But she spares a boy for his single act of kindness. Callum becomes the Ferryman, and until Brid Clarion pays its debt with royal blood, only his sails may cross the Deep.

Two warring nations, separated by the merrow’s trench, trade infant hostages in a commitment to peace. Now, the time has come for the heirs to return home. The Ferryman alone can undertake the exchange.

Yet, animosities are far from assuaged. While Brid Clarion’s islands bask in prosperity, Haf Killick, a floating city of derelict ships, rots and rusts and sinks into the reefs. Its ruler has other designs.

And the sea witch crafts dark bargains with all sides.

Callum is caught in the breach, with a long-held bargain of his own which, once discovered, will shatter this life.


My 5 Star Review:


A twisted tale of an evil sea witch who commands the sea at her whim. A fantastic voyage of love, hate, obedience, power struggle, blackmail, revenge, secrets and death. The merrow (half mermaid, half siren) control the waters of the deep for the Sea Witch. In the beginning, the fishermen caught a merrow in their net, and when Callum tried to cut the merrow loose, he was ordered to leave her for dead. But despite his efforts, he couldn’t save her, and that merrow just happened to be the daughter of the vengeful Sea Witch. And that’s where the story begins.


The Sea Witch demanded that the Ferryman (Callum) would have to pay penance by killing a royal and throwing them to the sea as punishment for the death of her daughter. She sank all other ships that crossed the ocean and would allow Callum’s ship to cross between the two kingdoms, but could never again step on land until such time as a royal is killed. Callum would have to dump one prisoner a day into the sea until such time as a royal is drowned to remain able to sail through the deep. The politics of the sea between the two kingdom rulers – the evil Queen Caspia of Haf Killick and King Thayne of Brid Clarion, and the Sea Witch, Panmar, set the story for deceit and foolery.


The action is plentiful, as there are a sea of characters to keep us encapsulated while Callum must deal with the daily antics of Caspia who becomes a threat to his own family. Callum is inundated with requests from both Caspia and Panmar, on a daily basis. Both their edict requests will keep us flipping the pages while the action on the sea keep us gripped as we continue to read and wonder who will win out, the good or the evils?


Stunning world-building – especially the underworld of the sea, well developed characters, deliciously descript, and the tension that will keep you glued in waiting as to who will survive and who will die in this ultimate sea adventure about the battle for power and survival. If you love fantasy with rich world-building, you will want to read this book.




Sunday Book Review – #NewRelease The Rise of Gadreel by Vashti Quiroz-Vega – #Fantasy

Welcome back to the first of my Sunday Book Reviews for 2021. I’m back from my ‘so called’ blogging break and my Tuesday post will fill you in on the details. But to kick off 2021 with my Sunday Reviews, I’m thrilled to be reviewing Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s new release – The Rise of Gadreel, book 3 in this addictive series of fallen angels, where now, fallen on earth, Gadreel strives to right the wrongs of the evil that has spread across the globe of Satan’s doing in efforts to earn back her pure angel status she lost when she strayed in book 1, where she fell prey to Lilith’s desire to challenge the power of God.

Although not in my reading genre, I was hooked from Book 1 and then Book 2 as I eagerly awaited this 3rd book in this sweeping saga of good versus evil.




In The Fall of Lilith, award-winning author Vashti Quiroz-Vega took readers inside the gates of heaven for a front-row seat to Lucifer’s rebellion. In Son of the Serpent, she introduced Dracúl, tormented offspring of fallen angels. Now, in The Rise of Gadreel, Quiroz-Vega is back with the next chapter in her Fantasy Angels saga—a gripping tale of hope and redemption set against the fiery backdrop of a demon’s insatiable thirst for power and revenge.

Lilith is gone, suffering the torments of the damned in hell. Satan, once known as Lucifer, endures endless agony in an earthly prison. Yet their foul legacy lives on, spread by a corrupted priesthood that uses the blackest magic to fan the flames of evil and hate throughout the world.

The former angel Gadreel, who fought and fell alongside Lilith and Lucifer, only to join Dracúl in his fight against them, is weary of war. Repenting of past sins, she wants nothing more than to be left in peace. But when a new threat to humankind arises, Gadreel is given the chance she has prayed for—the chance to earn God’s forgiveness.

Now, with the aid of Dracúl and a trio of uncanny allies—a man of air, a man of stone, and a woman of fire—at her side, Gadreel must find the courage to confront her past and forge a new future for herself . . . and the world.


My 5 Star Review:

Fallen angel Gadreel is back with her cohort and trusted friend Dracul the good. And Gadreel’s journey begins on the shores of Egypt with Dracul, the red fiend, son of Lucifer (Satan) and Lilith, as she sets out to find her mermaid daughters she was forced to leave behind with their father to keep them safe from the jealous wrath of Lilith, who has finally disappeared into hell where she belongs. We hope.

Gadreel learned long ago of her mistake following Lilith’s lead among other angels, smugly thinking they were more clever than God, when they were both exiled from heaven. When Gadreel escaped Lilith’s evil, and saved Dracul’s life from her, Dracul and Gadreel became close and compassionate friends who went on to fight off evil to atone for their own mistakes.

In this book 3 of this fascinating series, the journey is all about good versus evil. Gadreel says goodbye to her mermaid daughters one last time before they go into hiding in the new underwater world, deep in the ocean their father Dagon has created for them to keep deep away from the evils that are sweeping over the world. And Gadreel and Dracul set off to save the world from the darkness of the black plague befalling upon people. They know this is the work of Dracul’s father, Satan, and must find out the props and black magic and vehicles he’s using to gain power.

It’s not long before the two reach a new village of people dying and discover exactly what Satan is up to through some of the last dying words from those they managed to speak with. They put all the clues from stories together and figured out Satan’s plan to rule the world, using his evil. His plot is to make the people sick and heal some, disguised as a priest, so he can appear to make miracles along his way through the churches, his goal – rising to archbishop, killing priests along the way to reach his ultimate goal of becoming the Pope.

Along their journey, Gadreel and Dracul meet up with many dangerous moments and creatures, witnessing some horrifying things. They also meet a few new allies along the way who join their group of evil fighters – Sabina, a white witch, Golem, a man with the power to transform into stone with forceful powers, and another spirit ghost of a priest, Thomas, whose soul was revived by Sabina, and has the voice of an angel when he sings. Thomas remains invisible, his presence can be seen only when he sparks his light, convenient illumination in a few dark situations and uses his soothing angel singing voice to stave off evil. Together this merry band of goodness encounter several battles with evil, turning themselves into various creatures as they use their own powers to shapeshift into whatever being or animal necessary to take on Satan’s army.

By the time the group has visited many dark lands saving as many people as they could, they make their way to London where they learn Satan has worked his way up to first advisor of the King of England. This is when the final battle will ensue where Dracul and Gadreel plot the monumental task of finally ridding the world of Satan and his evil.

Despite the evil that ensues in this book, Vega has once again done a masterful job of evoking a fantastical story of good vs. evil. The story is filled with moments of human compassion, and besides the mission of this tale and it’s fantasy genre, there are plenty of moments while demonstrating the will to conquer evil that sparked a tear as Gadreel and her merry band of earth angels take us right into their human emotions of hurt, pain, and loss.

A most satisfying ending through a wild journey of seeking out and facing evil to its face to save the world and banishing evil. Each of the books in this series is equally addicting and could be read as standalones, but that would only be half the fun, as by reading each book, we get a better insight to each character, their emotions, their strengths and weaknesses that grow and continue through each book. From The Fall of Lilith, book 1, where the angels become fallen, to Son of the Serpent, book 2, where Dracul and Gadreel form a bond and begin their mission to seek out Dracul’s evil mother Lilith, to The Rise of Gadreel, where Gadreel strives to earn back her status as a good angel by conquering world devastation.

This gang of goodness will certainly steal your hearts as they relentlessly stand up to the darkness they encounter at every turn. I cannot recomend this riveting series enough. It may be in the fantasy genre, but it has all the components of human emotion and humanity all rolled into the evil that man can do in this plight for justice.


Note: Stay tuned for next Friday when Vashti will be my first guest author to kick off 2021 for my Q & A series interviews!



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Sunday Book Review – The Hat by C.S. Boyack

My Sunday Book Review for C.S. Boyack’s – The Hat. This little book was a fun escape read, and although not in my usual genre of reading, I found it quite delightful.





Lizzie St. Laurent is dealing with many of the struggles of young life. She lost her grandmother, and her living arrangements. Her new roommate abandoned her, and she’s working multiple jobs just to keep her head above water.

She inherits an old hat from her grandmother’s estate, but it belonged to her grandfather. This is no ordinary hat, but a being from an alternate dimension. One with special powers.

Lizzie and the hat don’t exactly hit it off right away, but when her best friend’s newborn is kidnapped by a ring of baby traffickers, Lizzie turns to the hat for help. This leads her deep into her family history and a world she’s never known.

Lizzie gives up everything to rescue the babies. She loses her jobs, and may wind up in jail before it’s over. Along the way, she and the hat may have a new way of making ends meet.

Humorous and fun, The Hat is novella length. Wonderful escapism for an afternoon.


My 5 Star Review:

This book is not in my usual reading genre, but nonetheless, a delight to read. The Hat is a whimsical tale of a dynamic team – Lizzie, a 21 year old girl with troubles it seems at every corner, who manages to team up with the talking hat.

Lizzie manages to scoop a box off the moving truck taking away what’s left of her recently passed grandmother’s estate. Completely unaware what’s in the box, Lizzie strikes a real gem when she discovers in that box is a hat, but not just any hat.

As Lizzie and the talking hat get acquainted, finally becoming friends, the hat teaches her more about her family background, and ultimately becomes her cohort in her quest to save the kidnapped babies she learns about after her friend’s baby is kidnapped.

The story progresses through the quest to solve the crime, all the while experiencing magical situations and escapes when she puts on the hat and it empowers her with its magical properties, even being able to transport her to safety when the goings get rough.

A fun escape with lots of laughs and a perfect short read and entertaining read for a rainy afternoon.