There’s something about Mary

DSC01667I wanted to write a post about a dear friend of mine, Mary. Mary is a breath of fresh air, Mary is sunshine.

Mary and I met on a cruise ship four years ago. I actually met her husband first, while playing poker together on the ship, but it was Mary, his wife, that I took a shining to. Mary is the type of person who’d never hurt a fly and she’d give you the shirt off her back (also because she probably wouldn’t miss it anyway due to her shopaholic tendencies). If one didn’t know Mary well, one may take her as quiet and shy and you would never know how very intelligent and educated she is. Make no mistake – Mary is sharp as a tack and when she feels comfortable enough to let you in to her wisdoms, you’re in for life.

Mary is one of my funniest friends; only she doesn’t know how funny she is. Her stories come out so matter -of -fact, that she doesn’t realize how humorous some of the things she says or does really are.

Mary has the ears for everyone and the compassion for every living soul and animal. She lives in New York, while I’m here in Toronto. But that doesn’t put a dent in our friendship. In fact, Mary has shared in the following of my journey on writing my book, like no other. Her feedback and encouragement have brought me back from some dark moments and doubts along the way.

I’d like to share something typical of Mary to come out with, something comical, and until I burst out laughing, she never realizes just how funny she is. Now I will preface this incident by saying that Mary is a nighthawk. She stays up pretty late considering she has to get up early in the morning for work and if not work, most likely she’s dashing out bright and early to catch a sale somewhere.

Last week I called her around 9:30 pm, as this is usually a good time to get her because she is finished work and the stores are closed by then. The phone rang a bit too long and her husband answered (as usual) and he said he’d go get her to the phone. I waited and waited and finally, he came back and said, “She’s out like a light, I can’t get her up.” Okay, I thought, she must be really  bushed, I’ll call back tomorrow morning (Saturday). I called at 9:15am and of course, no answer, because she had already gone shopping again no doubt. I finally got a hold of her the other night. We talked and caught up and she always fills me in on her latest bargain purchases and on her many bus tour day trips on shopping excursions to some outlet mall.

Halfway through our conversation, Mary says to me, “Deb, I think I’m going senile.” Now Mary is in her mid-late sixties and I think far from going senile but I said, “Now what Mar?” She continued by telling me that sometimes she does things she doesn’t remember or why she did them. I asked her if there was a specific incident she was referring to and she replied, “Deb, I’ve been sleeping like a lamb, I just pass out cold in my chair and sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and find a potato chip still in my mouth.” I burst out laughing then questioned her as to what’s up with that? She proceeded to tell me that she takes her cholesterol medication but she found that by accident, she was taking, – client -Jasmine’s, Tamadol by mistake — for days!

The ‘client’ happens to be her dog! Her weary, old dog has meds for pain and sleeping. Before I voiced my concern, I was hysterical laughing. I said, “Mar, are you kidding me?” She responded with, “Woof,” and we both laughed together. I then asked her if by any chance, did that happen last week when I called at 9:30 and she was out cold, and of course it was. I knew that just wasn’t usual for Mary.

My sweet friend cracks me up constantly with her non-chalant dialogue and her serious intent when telling me stories without realizing how humorous she is before I point it out to her. I pointed out to her that she needs to read the medication labels carefully and NOT keep hers with dogs! I tried to quell her thoughts on senility and suggested that she write things down and pay more heed and slow down.

We continued our chat, had some more laughs and she mentioned that she missed taking those pills because she had slept so well. I reprimanded her, telling her to promise she won’t be taking them again and she promised she wouldn’t and she meant it, but I couldn’t help but wonder how her poor doggie had suffered without her pills while Mary enjoyed the ride. The funny thing was that it took Mary four days to realize and thankful that in return, she gave nothing to the dog instead of giving her cholesterol pills.

This is typical Mary. She will tell me a story in true seriousness and concern and not until I laugh and tell her how hilarious she is, does she see how comical she really is.

God Bless You Mary!