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I’m over at Hugh Robert’s – Hughsviewsandnews today. Come visit! Hugh might be the master short story teller, known for his twisted endings, but he’s also an avid blogger offering all sorts of entertainment on his blog from blogging tips to fun blogging challenges, to guest features, and his ongoing series: 49 Days in 1988 where he shares his mysterious and complicated relationship issues in excerpts in this series along with a chosen song by a guest blogger. Today, I’m Hugh’s guest blogger, so come on over and have some fun!


49 Days In 1988: Week 23 – Friends In Need


London – July 7th, 1988

I managed to finish my late night at work yesterday by 7:15pm and was home to catch in on the celebrations of Marty’s birthday party. It went well, although Marcus wasn’t there. I went looking for him in the house and found him sat alone in his room. He told me that he was going to go to the party, but I wasn’t so sure. I literally had to drag him to come and join in the celebrations. Once he got there he seemed to relax and forget about his problems. I last saw him being chatted up by a rather lovely looking ‘Daddy.’ 

I got a surprise phone call this evening from Jamie. He told me he’s been keeping himself low and off radar over the last couple of weeks and now seems to be over the worse with the spilt from his boyfriend. He told me he’s finally come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over. I think he’s at last cracking through that awful barrier that he had built up around himself. We talked about meeting up for a drink and a chat but didn’t arrange a date. Hopefully, it will be soon. For the time being, we’ve agreed to stay in touch. I will give him a call towards the end of next week. Afterall, he’s in need of a shoulder to cry on.

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Welcome to this new feature for 2018 on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I’ll be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

#authors #author #books #travel #memoirsThis week my guest is the author, writer, and blogger, Debby Kaye. Debby and I connected in blogland a few years ago, and she’s one of my most loyal supporters in always reading and commenting on my posts. We often exchange emails, and I’ve become one of her most prominent fans. Her writing is always very engaging, and she goes out of her way to help other writers and bloggers . . . continue reading


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