#WATWB – Random Acts of Kindness from Strangers

Random Acts of Kindness


We are the World Blogfest


Another month is coming to an end, and once again it’s time to participate in the #WATWB – (We are the World Blogfest), where we share something we’ve come across that demonstrates a random act of kindness. If you’d like to participate and add a post about something inspirational, you can find the link at the end of this post to add your own.


I found this article on Facebook. A stranger leaves hand-knitted scarves in a park in Vermont for anyone to take if they’re cold. What a beautiful gift for someone in need, someone who is cold and maybe cannot afford the proper articles to stay warm against the elements.

How often do we pick up our knitting needles with a project to keep ourselves busy, or just to relax, with no intent of giving it to anyone, just knitting for the sheer pleasure and relaxation? So if you find yourself with extra knitted projects locked away in a drawer, perhaps you’ll consider leaving them somewhere, or donating them to a place where people in need can access them freely. *And don’t forget to attach a tag if you leave your gifts in random places to let people know it’s okay to take them.



Your co-hosts for this month for the We are the World Blogfest are:   Shilpa GargInderpreet UppalSylvia SteinSusan ScottAndrea Michaelsand Damyanti Biswas .


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