Scam Alert! A New Frightening and Effective Gmail Scam

Don't be scammed


Are you aware of the current phishing scam going on with Gmail?

For those of you who haven’t heard, there is a nasty phishing scam going on with people’s Gmail accounts. Sources say if you don’t pay attention to secure URL information when you read an email with an attachment, it’s easy to become a victim of these scammers.


What’s the Scam?

Apparently, these scammers get in by sending fake attachments, which often resemble a pdf document attachment. You may even recognize the Google account sign in as usual, but the alert warns us to check the URL before signing into to your Gmail account before entering your password information. When the URL opens up, MAKE SURE the URL for that Google document starts with ‘Secure’ and NO WORDS PRECEDE THAT URL SUCH AS: DATA TEXT, this is where the trouble begins. Please read the article below and follow the link for more in-depth examples of what to look for to protect your identity.


I found this post by Robert Hackett on 


“Here’s how the swindle works. The attacker, usually disguised as a trusted contact, sends a boobytrapped email to a prospective victim. Affixed to that email, there appears to be a regular attachment, say a PDF document. Nothing seemingly out of the ordinary.

But the attachment is actually an embedded image that has been crafted to look like a PDF. Rather than reveal a preview of the document when clicked, that embedded image links out to a fake Google (GOOGL, +1.08%) login page. And this is where the scam gets really devious.

Everything about this sign-in page looks authentic: the Google logo, the username and password entry fields, the tagline (“One account. All of Google.”). By all indications, the page is a facsimile of the real thing. Except for one clue: the browser’s address bar.”  Continue Reading

Source: Everyone Is Falling For This Frighteningly Effective Gmail Scam 

Here’s another source from Huffington Post