#Tech Woes – Are #Firewalls blocking you from Websites?

tech talk

Today’s technical issues relate to some problems I’ve been informed about by some of my readers. They can’t seem to get to my site.


Naturally, my FBI instincts were alerted. After finding from those who took the time to inform me that they had to shut off their firewalls just to allow them to visit my site (thank you devoted readers), I began to do some research on the problem.


I found the common thread with those who’ve had this problem seemed to be they are all using McAfee antivirus software. Although this didn’t make the task any easier for me to solve, I decided to call my web host, Godaddy, to see if there was a problem with my site. The rep told me everything was running smoothly.


I continued to tell him that the problem seemed to be with users of McAfee software and this was his response:  He told me that it’s possible that when McAfee did recent updates, they have added protection from safe sites that don’t have an SSL certificate. Ya, you may not know what that is either. I wasn’t aware of such certificate. But apparently, this is a certificate many sites add if they’re selling products from their own site to enable buyers to know their credit card info is safe on their site. But I’m not selling anything?


It got me thinking. Is this a money grab? Do I now need to purchase this annual renewal expense for $100? This is not in my budget right now and a techy, author friend mentioned that he was leery of this sounding like an upsell.


I didn’t receive any concrete answers from the rep, only possible theories, as he re-iterated that my site had the ‘green light’. And I wondered why only McAfee antivirus users were having this problem. So I continued to do my own digging around with my best friend, ‘Google’, because I’m concerned that those readers may potentially not bother with the hassle and leave my blog.


I found some interesting articles on Google from other McAfee users who are encountering this same problem. It appears to me that there are a few ways around this issue, by going into your McAfee antivirus program and manually adding the websites they are deeming unsafe.


Below are two relevant links that may help you with this problem.


https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB76314&actp=LIST Here’s another one http://www.ehow.com/how_8494740_unblock-mcafeeblocked.html


If any of you have been experiencing this problem, I’d be happy to hear about it below in the comments.

Smart Advice when Purchasing a Website





When purchasing a domain for your own website, there are a few things to consider. What is the purpose for the site and for how long you anticipate wanting to keep it.

Sometimes when we are starting a new venture: writing, blogging, advertising, and we eagerly sign up for a domain to have a slice of cyber real estate, we may overlook the long-range goals for that purchase. Speaking from experience here, I can tell you that when I first got my site here, I had hired a web manager to look after obtaining the domains I required and the hosting, and I didn’t know a whole heck of a lot about it. This was a costly mistake. As only us ourselves are responsible for the upkeep of our business, it only makes sense to know what is going on behind the scenes in all aspects. I got my little surprise today when I was checking my account and expiry dates for domains and services I have with Godaddy.

I wasn’t aware that when I signed up for my domains that some expired in one year and others in two years. I also wasn’t aware that when it’s time to renew THERE ARE NO DEALS. This is how these Websites get us. They offer really good prices on initial purchases and when it’s time to renew, the prices skyrocket and deals are only offered for new purchases. By this time, we are already established with our domain name and acquired followers, and it isn’t a good idea to be closing a website down and starting over, hoping all your traffic moves along with you, so we are trapped.

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased a domain and hosting, do your homework. Think about how long you anticipate wanting to keep your sites open, price out the long-term rate versus annually and figure out how many years in advance your budget will allow you to lock in for. When making new purchases YOU can decide how long you want to sign up for at the given good rate for the duration you lock in for. Believe me, it wasn’t pleasant to discover that something you may have paid $36 for annually becomes $96.

Becoming an author is not only about being a good writer. It’s about building your business, managing it and good budgeting for all the tools required to become successful. If you hire a web manager, make sure you are involved with the decisions made by them on your business so you are always in control of the status of your investments.