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Well the old ‘C’ monster has struck again! ‘C‘ is for cancer in this case. ‘C’ is also for the callous and cruel effects, treatments and upheaval this disease can wreak on one’s life.


Friend and editor/writer/blogger, Jeri Walker has recently been diagnosed with the ‘C’ beast and has started a gofundme page, asking for any help, small or big,  if anyone may find it in their hearts to donate for her health and living expenses. Please read Jeri’s post below.


The Abandoned Boob Chronicles: Entry 01

I keep fighting, and life keeps throwing obstacles. At forty, I’ve joined ranks as the one in eight women who receives a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Two years earlier, my husband of sixteen years abandoned me. And for good measure, add an entire life lived in the shadows of a bipolar mother. Cancer? Bring it on. I’ve got this. Life has schooled me well.

Asking for help is at best awkward and at worst torturous for a fiercely independent soul such as myself. But that’s exactly what I need—whether it be as positive vibe giver, reader of my words, social media sharer, or financial contributor. Feel free though to go all in and do all of the above! The success of this campaign depends on it.

What I can give to you is my tale. It’s not just a story about breast cancer. This diagnosis has only provided the structure for framing my narrative. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and it’s a long damn story. I’ve hedged for years over what I should be writing. It’s time for me to do what I do best, which is write about life as I know it in hopes of connecting with others. Authenticity is my superpower. What’s yours?

In future updates, I will share the details of my diagnosis and treatment. I will do so in narrative nonfiction fashion rather than in the informative approach of this first post. I’ll start with how my love discovered the lump via a handful of playful morning boob, and also tell you about the out-of-body experiences that transpire the night after being infused with Adriamycin. It’s safe to say chemo derived from soil fungus does some trippy stuff to one’s mind and body.

As the owner of Word Bank Writing & Editing , I make a modest living. When my ex got into a taxicab and never came back, I had many choices to make. Rather than return to teaching high school English, I hustled to take on more editing clients and keep myself afloat. For the first time ever, I began this year with projects booked three months in advance. This persnickety breast cancer diagnosis has changed all that. . .  Please continue reading and consider making a donation while you’re HERE



Source: The Abandoned Boob Chronicles by Jeri Walker – GoFundMe