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Book Review #Memoir – Leaning into Love – Elaine Mansfield

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A beautiful, poignant memoir written by Elaine Mansfield, Leaning into Love. Today I’m sharing my review of Elaine’s heartfelt and eloquently written memoir of her journey through her life, love and grief with the loss of her husband Vic to cancer. Buy this book:  https://www.amazon.com/Leaning-into-Love-Spiritual-Journey-ebook/dp/B00NBA8DN2  “I’ll find a way to be all right,” Elaine promised […]

Mourning a Loss


  Shivah:  A traditional seven-day period of mourning the dead that is observed in Jewish homes – often used in the phrase sit shivah.    —- Merriam Webster   It’s snowing today. The first snow of the season. Two days ago we buried our mother. We have been honouring the mourning period which in Judaism is […]


  “Words may lay heavy; but guilt is the heavier burden” – D.G. Kaye   I have just learned that my mother is on her way to the next world. I pray it’s a better place for her. I always knew my day of reckoning would come, but never anticipated the roller coaster of emotions […]

Echoes of Life


It is funny how much we tend to over-look so many things in life – things that are so matter-of-fact which exist in our daily lives yet we may take no notice of their significance until something happens to remind us of their existence. I am referring to the topic of telephone answering machines. We […]

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