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Stop Restricting Your Happiness


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Today’s reblog is Sally Cronin’s wonderful article on ways to find our happiness without hampering our own desires.

Something to think about! – Stop putting restrictions on your Happiness

I have been a nutritional and life coach for the last 19 years.  Having given myself a severe kick up the backside at age 43 to make the necessary changes in my own life.

I had mindlessly eaten for most of my adult life, and either starved myself or binged, depending on whims rather than well thought out decisions.  It was only when I was studying nutrition, that the light went on, that the food on my plate had more purpose, beneficial qualities, and determination to thrive than I did.

That is just one example of how we can drift through life. 

Great at some things, particularly those we enjoy, good at other skills that we have learned along the way and applied to keep us fed, watered and under a roof. But perhaps a bit slapdash when it comes to things that we neither enjoy or feel apply to us, even when they might be essential to our health and survival, such as deciding what food to eat.

The reality is that when we refer to happiness we tend to put the word ‘when’ in front of it.

When I have 10,000 in the bank I will be happy!

When I have lost a stone I will be happy!

When I meet the perfect man I will be happy!

When I have a bestselling novel!

Trouble is that we often find that when we reach what we consider to be that ‘happy’ moment it is not quite as fulfilling as we expected.

Which brings me onto expectations.  We are encouraged today to think big.  Naturally our parents will usually have some plan in place for what they perceive is the right path in life, and their expectations are usually the first that we will succeed or fail to meet or surpass.

This develops a tendency in us to expect certain events and experiences to happen in our lives with quite rigid targets attached.

Great job by 21

Married by 25

Children by 30 

Retired by 40 

Living in paradise by 50!

Apart from those types of targets slipping past very quickly, because our eyes are on the big and triumphant completion dates, we sometimes fail to recognise and celebrate smaller but just as significant milestones along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, having goals and dreams and the commitment to make them happen is terrific.  But you have to insert the smaller steps within your life plan and acknowledge their importance on getting to where you want to be.  Continue reading . . .


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#Health and #Happiness Wishes For The New Year


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Health and happiness wishes have become somewhat of a trademark blessing from me when the clock of time turns over a new year. I also tend to write these same wishes to someone when I am signing a birthday card for someone. I suppose it can become so easy to sometimes take our health and life for granted. Studies say that often many don’t fully appreciate things until they experience a near fatal situation which somehow spurs one into deep appreciation mode.

Sometimes we just seem to get so lost in our daily lives that even those of us with best intentions and inner gratefulness can also tend to let these blessings be taken for granted. We all have our moments in life when we sweat the small stuff when we know very well that those problems we are groaning about are miniscule compared to worse things in life but human nature will make us focus on the immediate obstacle rather than overlooking its insignificance compared to a tragedy.

Although I am always grateful for my life as it is, I am no different than the majority. I admit I’ve had my moments of ‘freak out’ but I don’t dwell on things and eventually I shake myself out of those moments. And maybe because I have survived some life altering moments and cheated death once or twice I did become one of those newly awakened people even though I thought I had previously never been ungrateful.

The bottom line is if you analyze things right down to its smallest form, you can wish you were rich and you can wish for materialistic objects but none of it is any good to us if we don’t have our health. All the money in the world can’t make us better if we are fatally ill and we would give our last cent just to be well again. So when I offer someone my wishes I always wish in the highest power and so there is nothing better than to wish health and happiness to someone because there is simply nothing better in this world that we could want for.

So once again, I would like to wish you all health and happiness for this new year and forward.