Disaster Abounds – #Backup your Work!



creative mess

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a blog on the importance of backing up your work.  I went on vacation for a week and in that week it seems there were quite a few disasters globally.


While I was away, there was an airplane crash in San Francisco, a train crash in Quebec, hurricane in the Caribbean, fires in Las Vegas (where I was), and then I came home to the remnants of the flood in Toronto.



I came home and turned on my laptop yesterday to work on revisions from my editor only to find out after long hours of trying to get my laptop to work; that my hard drive crashed.  I spent numerous hours on the phone with Dell support and am now awaiting my new hard drive so I can be guided through the process of putting in a new one to spare me from having it sent away for two weeks.  I am not a techie, I keep saying, but it turns out I have turned into one.  I can hardly wait for the experience of downloading everything back into a new hard drive from scratch…………………not!


I had to resort to my old desktop which takes about five minutes to turn a page.  It turns out that my anti-virus wasn’t doing its job.  I spent all afternoon on the phone with Mcafee for that.  I also noticed when I used this clunker, that my wordpress site was full of porn ads.  Yes, lovely.  Mcafee kindly offered to get rid of them for only another $179.00.  Are you kidding me?


I spent the rest of the evening on forums trying to find a way to get rid of the ads and clean off what Mcafee didn’t.  Thanks to some folks on this wordpress forum I was offered some great links for removal.  So hence, here I am back, hopefully fading anymore disasters.  Again, I am grateful that my book is safely sleeping in cyber space with dropbox until this mess gets all cleared up and I can get back to my programs to work on it.  Eventually I will be posting an excerpt here so stay tuned!