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Mandy Smith is a wonderful memoir writer. We connected about a few months ago when we found a common thread about our writing. I was pleasantly surprised when Mandy told me that she had read my memoir, Conflicted Hearts and wrote a lovely review after reading it. Mandy has her own  blog, Healing Beyond Survival. which she writes on the subject of child abuse and shares intimate posts from parts of her upcoming memoir.

Thank you Mandy.

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Mandy (Oregon)
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This review is from: Conflicted Hearts: A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt (Kindle Edition)
Child abuse and neglect happen to a lot of people. Many victims of abuse put one foot in front of the other for the rest of their lives and call it surviving. But, D. G. Kaye shows us in “Conflicted Hearts” what it’s like when you catch the tail end of a rainbow—and hang on. Early on in this story, I sensed the strength and tenacity of Kaye as the young girl, coping with a turbulent childhood: Cruel treatment and neglect by her mother and the guilt of feeling like a bad child. Her many successes in early adulthood are overshadowed by the lingering guilt from her childhood abuse. However, “survive” she does. Kaye’s real test comes when she confronts life or death health problems; that’s when the real strength of this author shines—a true example of thriving. I especially loved when she says at the end of the book “when life throws you curve balls you learn to catch.”“Conflicted Hearts” will appeal to survivors of abuse (of any kind), to those who struggle with guilt and, especially, to those who need a reason to believe in rainbows and the recipe to hang on!
Thank you Mandy for reading my book and taking the time to post this lovely review. 🙂
Speaking about this book Conflicted Hearts, I would like to let you all in on two newsworthy items:
1. I have been writing a sequel to this book for the past year now and anticipate it to be finished and hopefully published by year’s end. The first book was left with some unanswered questions and resolution while I wrote and published with unsettled angst because my mother was still alive at the time. I knew when she passed that the pen would guide me to delve into and clarify much of what stayed stuck within me. My mother passed in October of 2014 and even though I had begun writing the sequel long before her passing, there was much more to be said.

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2. Conflicted Hearts will be on Kindle promo for 5 FREE Days beginning this Friday January 23 through January 27th on Amazon. Please feel free to click on the highlighted universal  URL here to have a look inside the book and download.