Wishes and Prayers, #Health and the Road to Victory


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for so many wishes, prayers and good thoughts you’ve shared with me here and in your hearts for my husband’s recovery.


I’m touched by the comments I’m still receiving from so many, and dropping by to ask how my husband is progressing. I was going to post earlier this week, but to be honest, I’m superstitious, and I was afraid I’d jinx the progress by talking about it. Now, it’s been one week since my hub has had the paracenteses at the hospital, and although, we’ve still  been running to doctors appointments and therapy treatments almost daily since last week, I’m over the moon to report that although still not as strong yet as he was before, my husband is feeling so much better.


After the last drainage, 4 liters of fluid was taken out of him, leaving him with a weight loss of almost 9 pounds. He wasn’t feeling as energetic afterward, as he did the first drainage, and then he had an awfully painful test last Friday, which didn’t help things along, but he could breathe with ease once again.


Saturday hub was lethargic, but I was thrilled that he hadn’t gained back an ounce of fluid. Sunday he felt a burst of energy, and insisted that he was taking his car by himself, to get gas and a car wash. I was filled with worry to let him go out on his own, almost feeling as though my child had just gotten his license and was going out driving alone for the first time. But I felt compelled to give him back some independence. I worried the whole half hour he was gone but managed to refrain from calling him.


Monday, he finally lost 1 pound. Tuesday he lost 2 pounds. Wednesday, another pound, and Thursday he lost 2 more pounds! Somewhere between altering the diuretic prescription and the I.V. therapy from the naturopath to help push the fluid over to the kidneys, his body began pushing out the excess fluid by itself!


I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness for the progress that is finally happening after a 2-month road which seemed to have no end. I was petrified that his body would never cooperate with treatment to rid itself of excess fluids, and that he’d become ‘one of those patients’ who would have to go for drainage every two weeks for the rest of his life.


I know it’s early yet, and treatments, fluid retention, and drugs are still being monitored closely by doctors, and ESPECIALLY by me, but the improvements I’ve seen in this past week are nothing short of miraculous. Along with hub’s progress, his personality and sense of humour have also returned. Although it’s still early in recovery to be certain what the status quo will be, I can’t help but feel that this long nightmare is on its way to becoming a distant bad memory.


Next week hubby wants to go into work for a few hours on the days he doesn’t have doctor appointments. If I feel he’s up to it I’ll set him free. And I don’t mind saying, I’m happy not to have to be the chauffeur anymore. I hate driving, lol.

thank you so much

Once again I just have to say how grateful I am to all of you for the kindness and support you’ve shown. Besides the worry and fear I lived through these past few months, it was your prayers, comments, and conversations I’ve had with many of you that helped keep me sane and grounded; as though I had a place to come to where my life still felt familiar. I cannot thank you enough, I’m blessed to be part of such a wonderful community of friends. Thank you. ❤