Why Every Writer Needs a Good Copy Edit – Great Advice from Freelancers Union! | Margaret Langstaff


I’d like to introduce Margaret Langstaff’s blog here today, The Langstaff Retort. I’m wondering how many here are familiar with Margaret? In her words:


Reporting from the Busy Intersection of Literature and Life (by Margaret Jean Langstaff),


I am an author.”

“A voracious but discriminating reader.”

“A book critic and reviewer.”

“A member of the National Book Critics Circle.”

“A Writing and Publishing Consultant.”

“I’ve written lots of books, both under my own name and as a ghostwriter for others.”

Margaret is also a: Professional Book Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader, Writing & Publishing Consultant. You can peruse her services at her editing website, MargaretLangstaffEditorial.com


I came across Margaret’s blog sometime last year, and I try to never miss an episode of her juicy tidbits of information she shares with her readers about the importance of editing our work, not just for book writing, but for blogs and content writing too. Margaret’s blog is always very informative for writers to take something from. And sometimes, as a treat, Margaret shares some of her own writing.


Recently I read one of Margaret’s posts I want to share here with you. It’s titled, Why Every Writer Needs a Good Copy Edit — Great Advice from Freelancer’s Union


This article was extremely succinct as it explained the importance of hiring editors. Below is an excerpt of the post, then please do click on the link that follows to read the article in its entirety.


My lovable, esteemed writing colleagues, most of you know by now that in addition to being an “author” (more than 20 books so far, about half of them ghostwritten on a contract basis for public figures), I am also a busy professional editor. More than 50 pct of my work time is spent with raw, rough, flawed, usually hastily revised once (if at all), manuscripts from other writers.  My job is to make them convincing, functional and unforgettable.  That is, to do what I have to do to perfect and refine the text for publication.

Source: Why Every Writer Needs a Good Copy Edit – Great Advice from Freelancers Union! | Margaret Langstaff 

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