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Random Acts of Kindness


We are the World Blogfest


The last Friday of every month, a group of writers join in to advocate for kindness by sharing a post of something positive and inspirational to spread some kindness messages in our community and deflect off some of the negativity in the world. A link is added at the bottom of this and all posts for #WATWB contributors if you’d like to add one of your own.


For this month’s contribution to  #WATWB I thought I’d share something about what I did with my last book promotion I ran for Free days on Amazon.


While I was running the promo, I posted about it on my blog, and I received a comment from a fellow blogger, Lea from the blog –  FoundinFrance, after she read my post, leaving a wonderful idea in her comment.


My book, Words We Carry – Essays of Obsession and Self-Esteem, focuses on stories about my growing up without a self-esteem because of emotional neglect in my childhood as well as the scars left behind, and how I learned to overcome. When Lea had read my post she mentioned that my book may be helpful to women of abuse who were living in shelters.


It hadn’t dawned on me before that just because my book was available for free that so many wouldn’t be aware, beyond where I advertised it. So after I read Lea’s comment I did a Google search of local shelters in my city, made up an introductory email letter, and sent it out to a few managers of those shelters, offering them to share the free download with the women in those shelters.


We certainly know the power words have and how they can hurt us and leave deep scars. But words also have the power to lift up others, and often, empowering books can give a lot of people a boost of optimism when they read about other people’s journeys through adversity and how they have overcome, shining a light on the possibility that there is always a way out.


Next time I run a promo, I’m going to be sure to contact some charities so they can share the offer of a free book to download and hopefully my books will give inspiration to a few of those readers. Maybe we could all consider sharing our free promos with various charities to spread the word around and make someone’s day.


And now, I’d like to leave you with this most inspirational video!


share the light candle

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